1. P

    MAKRO in Bodrum

    I believe that if you have a UK Makro card ,you can use it in Metro near bodrum. You show your UK card , fill in a form with Name ,address and Mobile phone number and you get a Metro card. They sell typical Makro goods eg....Crockery,Sheets/Bedding,Household goods,Garden...
  2. Andy

    Makro Luggage Set

    In Makro from 21st March an 8 piece luggage set £30 + VAT i expect It includes a 21", 24", 28", 32" trolly cases. 1 Computer bag, 1 Backpack & 2 Garment bags. It looks as if it's only in black but what a bargain. I received their brochure today but could'nt find anything on their website...
  3. P

    Efes at Makro

    At Makro,Efes 33cl bottles x20 =£8.99+vat and presentation box of 4 bottles and 2 glasses £2.99+vat,stocked up today,the officionados will winge it doesn't taste the same here,who cares after the second bottle. :cheers:
  4. Andrew

    Makro in Turkey

    Did you know that you can use your Makro card in Turkey and other parts of Europe? They trade overseas by the name of "Metro". There is a branch in Izmir
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