Where is the glass makers shop?

    I have a glass shelf which has just split in two. I need to get a new one cut to size. Does anyone know where the glass maker shop is please?
  2. G

    Open "thank you" to the makers of

    Although an internet user since the early 90's I had never used any forums or chat opportunities until now. I'm very pleased by the results of this activity. Although not intentially commercial orientated, your forum helped me to attract the interest of new visitors. Thank you
  3. pembelu

    WANTED dress makers dummy or Mannequin

    dress makers dummy (adjustable or size 10- 14) or bust or mannequin wanted for cash - for display or clothes making purposes If anyone can help pls PM me we are in mugla area- koycegiz:eyeye: many thanks Pembelu
  4. B

    Furniture Makers?

    Hi, I wish to have a cabinet made out of foil board to match some exisitng cheap but cheerful stuff that I have from IKEA. Can anyone recommend someone who whould be able to knock something up for me quite quickly in the Bodrum area? THx Brian
  5. M

    Bread Makers

    Has anyone bought a bread maker in Turkey ? Can anyone recommend a particular model and is it easy to source strong white bread flour ? We do love the fresh bread and have a great bakers in Akyaka, but my two little boys love their "tost" and it is pretty tastless cardboard. We use a...
  6. I

    Dress makers Izmir

    Hi Was wondering where I could get some dresses made in Izmir Factory/Shop One member recently got a wedding dress with alterations done in Izmir Would she pelase have the name of Shop and whereabouts in Izmir all the Dress shops are located. Also where in Izmir is the Fabric Market/Bazaar? Thanks
  7. lorraine

    Fethiye brick makers?

    The brickmakers and I dont mean the local pub!! When you see a villa or apartment being built take timeout to think about the one man that makes the bricks. Not far from our house is the yard of the concrete brick maker, it still amazes me when I stand and watch this man making hundreds of...
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