1. U

    Ariel Sharon goes to meet his maker

    The butcher of Sabra and Shatila finally croaked. A fitting end: eight years in diapers for a war criminal. It is known that a criminal case was brought against his son, Omri. It is also known that a court case in Israel can be postponed if a relative is seriously ill. It is generally...
  2. teosgirl

    Welsh holiday maker sacked

    Welsh holidaymaker who was hailed a hero for wrestling a shark away from children on Australian beach is SACKED after returning to UK - because he was on sick leave | Mail Online I'm surprised by the comments under the article in support of this man and his wife. I wonder if people would be...
  3. culturevulture

    Ready steady cook bread maker....???

    I have a ready steady cook bread maker, but unfortunately the recipe book is back in Ireland. Does anyone have one and be willing to scan me the recipes or know where I can get them. I have tried "googling" it, but am having no luck. At the moment I am just guessing the ingredient amounts...
  4. CJD

    Ice cream maker

    Can anyone recomend an ice cream maker? also I'm not sure if I should buy one here, if they are available, or get one brought out from UK
  5. Minajayne

    Coffee Maker advice please..

    I think i'd like to buy a coffee imagining my kitchen would be like Starbucks. Are they really any good...whats the price range (in Turkey)...and how much is the filter coffee. I'm looking for one that does frothy things and other tricks (!). I've always been a tea drinker but since...
  6. T

    carpenter/furniture maker

    Could anyone recommend a good carpenter/furniture maker in the Marmaris area. Preferably with a little English
  7. N

    tv and c,maker

    21" colour tv,excellent condition and coffee maker still for sale,tv reduced to 60 tl and c,maker reduced to 15 tl,please pm me if interested,Turgutreis area ,thanx all xxx :48:
  8. J

    sign maker recommendation

    Hi iam wanting to have a sign made up to put on the side of our villa.. can any one recomend a place that makes signs cheers
  9. pineapple1

    Briquette Maker lower fuel bills

    I am wondering if this is any use for Turkish heating systems . Briquette Maker this device makes log type bricks out of old newspapers . And each " Brick " burns about 2 hours , making a great alternative to logs wood even charcoal on bbq etc see . .
  10. B

    Furniture Makers?

    Hi, I wish to have a cabinet made out of foil board to match some exisitng cheap but cheerful stuff that I have from IKEA. Can anyone recommend someone who whould be able to knock something up for me quite quickly in the Bodrum area? THx Brian
  11. kennynsue

    For Sale - Smoothie Maker £87,500 Plus Free Bungalow

    3 Year Old Private Bungalow For Sale In Yalikavak. Private Pool And Garden, 2 Bedrooms, Open-plan Kitchen And Lounge, Air Conditioning In Main Bedroom, Along With Built In Wardrobes, All Light Fittings Included In Price, Plus Fridge/freezer, Dishwasher And Washing Machine. Only 12 minute walk...
  12. Trevor

    cake maker wanted in altinkum

    Hi all, my friend jean lives in altinkum, she has asked me to ask you all if anyone knows of a cake maker in altinkum, turkish or english for wedding cakes etc - can anyone give me a phone number i can text on to her? trev xx
  13. no-nem

    secret curry maker

    Yesterday, I visited a potential Irish client (who turned out not to be a client as he had condensation). I stayed for a drink and a natter and it turns out this guy reckons to make really good curries and knows Ali who had to clear off from Kus. I cannot stomach the stuff, but he asked me to...
  14. G

    Smoothie Maker

    Does anyone know if you can buy smoothie makers in Kusadasi and if so where and how much?
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