1. bickern

    Turkey - major high-tech developments in 2019

    Turkey spearheads major high-tech developments in 2019. Government takes major steps in technology, supports private sector, educational activities over course of year ISTANBUL The Turkish government and private sector spearheaded significant technological advances during 2019, including a...
  2. S

    Major floods

    Turkey floods: Cars swept away in Ankara streets - BBC News
  3. mollag

    Tories in major disarray

    Big big fighting going on in the upper echelons of the Lord Snooty cabinet, resignations, rebellions et al, but what is absent is the forums laughing right wingers who leap on every tiff and rumour about the opposition, :hearnoevi Come on all you Selfservatives, we really would like your opinion...
  4. T

    Major power Surge - Koycegiz

    Informed by a neighbour today, About 07-00 this morning, a major power fault occurred in the Yeni Mah area around Koycegiz., when a loud bang was heard. I arrived home this evening to find the following 1. 2 x DVD players 2. TV set 3. TV Cable Box 4. Modem Power Supply 5. Dishwasher 6. 3 x...
  5. suzyq

    New major privatizations on the way

    The Turkish government has begun preparing for a fresh round of major privatizations, mainly consisting of national infrastructure, Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek has said. The sectors to be privatized include highways, bridges, power plants, ports, a state-run insurance firm and the Erzurum...
  6. suzyq

    Internet Explorer Users At Risk From Major Bug

    7:59am UK, Monday 28 April 2014 Users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser are at risk after a major security flaw was discovered. The bug could allow hackers to gain control of a victim's computer and Microsoft admitted there had already been "limited, targeted attacks" to exploit...
  7. V

    Major SGK Change

    After spending nine hours today trying to get my wife reinstated onto my Bag Kur/SGK which she has been on for more than 4 years I feel TLF members should know of a major change in the Government policy. As from 2 August this year, a spouse who is on the policyholder's SGK (whether it be Bag...
  8. C

    3 new major golf courses

    according to an advert for apollon pallace ll the turkish government has allocated 50 million dollars for three new major golf courses. this is from an advert on the inside cover of the magazine "a place in the sun" along with the new marina. as they obviously haven,t started building yet, can...
  9. Mary

    Kale 2 Bodrum Major Problems

    Hi all, I am putting this post on to help a very dear friend who is very ill I have her permission. The above complex has major problems and 6 years on she still and her husband do not have either her apartment finished or her Tapu. It is a complex problem involving many people who have formed a...

    Major train crash in N/W Turkey., Updated: 06/05/2010 21:00 32 injured in Turkish train crash 32 people were injured in a train crash in Turkey A train carriage has derailed and crashed into another train travelling in the opposite direction in north-west Turkey, leaving 32 people injured. One person was in...
  11. Squeaky

    Divorce acrimony evolves into major military scandal in Turkey

    Good evening: It seems Turkey is catching up with the rest of the world quickly even without a Max Clifford to advise people. Divorce acrimony evolves into major military scandal in Turkey - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review Admiral’s spouse accuses husband of selling military secrets...
  12. ceemac

    Major Works This Year

    There are major projects on the horizon for the Mediterranean town of Fethiye in 2010, with some getting the green light after years in the making. Despite this, some people are concerned the changes offer little optimism for the community’s small, family-run businesses and could be detrimental...
  13. Gamuret

    Classroom air could be major cause of asthma

    This could be of interest to any member with children or grandchildren. The information comes from the "What Doctors Dont Tell You" site - What Doctors Don't Tell You: Alternative health treatments for asthma, cancer, arthritis and other chronic conditions. This contains a wealth of information...
  14. zuberdust

    Major looool ahahahah

    funny clip... not offensive.... hehe
  15. P

    Major problems, what went wrong?

    This poll is following on from the recent Major Problems, what year poll in which people who have experienced property relating to property were asked what year the contracts were signed. This poll will ask what type of problems you encountered. It would be really useful is as many preople as...
  16. P

    Major problems: what year?

    Since we know there are many people out there who have had problems buying property I thought it would be interesting to find out if these problems have always been there and it is only now that people are realising or whether these are new problems. So over the next few weeks I intend to run...
  17. R

    Please Help Major Broadband probs???

    Hello My broadband stopped working and I have tried everything, calling my isp helpline,, reinstalling software,, using new filters,, buying a new modem,,, rebooting,, still does not work. So had to go back to dial up. Cannot understand why my broadband no longer works. My isp provider...
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