1. S

    good property maintenence company recommendation required

    Hi there, Sorry if this has been covered before. If you could please recommend a good quality reliable property maintenance company in the Ovacik area then that would really be appreciated. We are looking at a company rather than a "husband & wife" team. Many thanks
  2. J


    how could i go about getting on the maintenence committee for our block of apartments as there is no cleaning being done and they are all the time looking for more money they are now saying that maintenence on the lifts cost 25,000 thousand lira could this be right i paid 600 lira last august...
  3. J

    Pearl Rock Maintenence

    Hi Everyone, hope you are all well. Just to give everyone a heads up that we have heard from 2 seperate people the Mese are pulling from the maintenance as soon as we receive habitation which we have been informed will be very soon, he is doing a complex at present and we are next in the que...
  4. culturevulture

    Bank account maintenence charges

    Do all banks in Didim charge maintenance on accounts. If they do which one has the cheapest charges. I pay 5TL per month with HSBC. I am looking for an account where I can set up direct debits for utility payments and the odd cash withdrawal. Mary.
  5. sunshine


    Hi could anyone help me with this. does anyone know what the law is concerning people who do not pay their annual maintenence? there are several people who have never paid and refuse to pay on my complex this is unfair as they still benefit from the facilities. could any one tell me or give me a...
  6. T


    have just got back after 10 days at the sunflower. the bar has now closed but the pool is still in use but guess what the reception is un-manned with the keys for all apartments on display the cupboard being left open. We had 3 days of storms and mud was on paths and stairs no cleaners were seen...
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