1. T

    Is it possible to replace the shower cabin on a brand new rental apartment?

    Good Morning all, I wonder if it is possible to replace the shower cabin on a rental property on my own expense, most of the showers have very narrow doors and I don't like the corner showers with corner doors. If I rent a new apartment that has enough room in the bathroom can I replace the...
  2. J

    Property maintenance

    I'm wondering if anyone here on the Forum can give me some advice & guidance in relation as to how Management fees are calculated in Turkey? In my experience in the UK, Management companies charge around 15%-20% of the rental costs to manage the property, but I'm having trouble finding out what...
  3. A

    Maintenance fees

    Hi, out of interest has anyone any advice on dividing maintenance fees on a complex ? , or is the normal way & possibly the fairest & best way just to divide the £ equally between properties ? It’s a site of 50 apartments , communal grounds , legal commitee etc. At the moment we all pay the same...
  4. L

    Property Maintenance company in Dalaman

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a Maintenance Company in the Dalaman area please. I have read through some of the old posts but they seem to be giving advice on maintenance for Villas and Aparts on a Complex and also don’t seem to be in the Dalaman area. Whereas I’m looking for private, mainly pool...
  5. oldfogy

    Maintenance none Payments

    On a serious note. It up to a owner to prove that they have paid their maintenance for a specific period that is being requested or up to the complex to prove a person has not paid? For instance I have checked the accounts for the last few years and find no record of a payment from a certain...
  6. G

    Seydikemer - Pool and Garden Maintenance

    Does anyone know of someone, or a reliable firm, that provides pool and garden maintenance in the Seydikemer area. I need someone that I communicate with from the UK as I'm only in Turkey a couple of times a year.
  7. I

    Maintenance Charges

    We are considering purchasing a property and are coming over soon for viewings. The one we really like has a maintenance charge of 600tl per month. That seems a lot to me but any comments/opinions from owners already paying this would be gratefully received.
  8. A

    Wooden floor maintenance

    Does anybody have contact details of carpenter who can repair wooden floor in living room in the Kemer region?
  9. A

    Maintenance fees

    Hi all, Would anyone be able to tell us at what point of you purchase you were invoiced for maintenance. Appreciate any help on this. Thank you
  10. Y

    Maintenance charges

    Hi, we have an apartment on a small complex. The pool needs some work doing and we ( apartment owners) have asked the manager to arrange for the repair work to be done. The manager has said that he will source the contractors and arrange for the work to be carried out and he will charge a 10%...
  11. 5

    looking for recommended maintenance team

    hello we are looking for a good very reliable team/company to provide cleaning duties at our 59 apartment complex in altinkum, current situation is not at very good shabby work and staff issues any recommendations there please we are only looking at cleaning communal entrances washing down...
  12. BjornAndMahnaz

    Maintenance price

    Hi We are to sign a three year maintenance agreement and want to check if 1500 £ per year is a reasonable price in Akbuk for taking care of garden, pool and repainting the house every fifth year? Thankful for any information.
  13. M

    Pool maintenance

    Hello everybody, I have a house in Kadikalesi and I need someone to make pool maintenance. Do you know someone around Turgutreis or Gümüslük that could help me ? Thank you very much for your information.
  14. christella


    i need some help here please my daughter and husband bought a place in altinkum about 10 years ago called yassmin complex no tapu they just wanted to walk away and loose the lot but they have given me power of attorney so i have put a turkish couple in the apartment and they put every month the...
  15. A

    Maintenance payment

    Hello. My understanding is that maintenance payments should be made into site bank account. One owner on site is asking that he receives payment in his hand. I am sure this is illegal. There is no formal receipt and what would happen if he was broken into? Thanks for any answers in advance,Derek.
  16. M

    Residents agreement to share communal maintenance costs

    I wonder whether any owners in shared apartment blocks/complexes have any information or advice they could share to help with our problem please? I own an apartment in a communal block where there is one other rental apartment, two domestic dwellings, and one holiday home. When I bought the...
  17. N

    Pool maintenance

    Can anybody recommend good pool maintainable guy in Yalikavak. We need the pool in operation from next week and until the beginning of October? Thank you for considering my request!
  18. J

    Charging interest on maintenance debts

    As with many sites in Turkey there are some owners on our site who persistently run high debts and do not keep up maintenance payments. The condo law allows site managers to charge interest on outstanding debts and we would like to implement this to incentivise owners to pay on time. section 4...
  19. J

    Swimming pool maintenance

    had our pool maintained last year very expensive as it was our first year, we just went along with the company recommended . Now we are here full time we would like to find a more realistic price . Does anyone know roughly what the charges are, it is a private pool . Thanks
  20. R

    Maintenance charges

    Hello Can anybody advise. I have paid £400 maintenance service charges for this year & now I have just recieved a demanding letter stating they want another £500 in this current year & if I do not pay I have been threatened with court action.
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