1. B


    Hi i was wondering if anyone can help us find a half decent management/maintainence company for our site in Didum Altinkum, any recomendations and contact addresses would be great.:clock:
  2. M

    Can your Builder increse maintainance fees witout consultation .

    My Builder has recently"yet again increased the maintainance fees by £50 this year.This also happened last year.We stiill have outstanding maintainanc issues from the past 3 years and his excuse is down to certain residents paying no maintainance as far as im concerned this is not my problem and...
  3. Tonyj

    pool maintainance

    need some info please,as ant one any ideas the cost of running a average size pool just matirial ie filters etc ,not labour we have been paying are maintainance but we need definitve prices please feel free to pm me thanks
  4. M

    maintainance company wanted

    Hi folks on TLF can you recommend how we get a decent company to look after our site - Only 30 villas but we have had rotten luck so far. We have one large pool to look after, need security and gardening. Please can you post you advice. Thanks
  5. M

    complex maintainance

    We are in the process of re-negotiating a contract for site maintenance of a complex in Akbuk. There are 30 villas on site, large pool and gardens. The contract will be worth in the region of £15,000 with free 2 bed family accom. on site. We need recommendations please as we have been very...
  6. E


    Hi Noticed a few threads on the forum re maintainance but wondering if anyone familiar with any companies in Datca.
  7. smithy

    When do we start paying maintainance charges??

    My friend has just bought an apartment on the same complex that i have. She has just been told by her agent that she must pay 180 ytl before the end of the month for maintainance charges. I havn't been told to pay anything yet, it could be my agent hasn't got round to telling me yet. Just...
  8. P

    pool maintainance costs

    hi can anyone help we live on a complex of 56 houses ,18 are occupied and we have been quoted £25 per month for pool maintainence is this expensive? anyone have any ideas of costs i am not sure yet if this will include maintainance of my garden yet cheers
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