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    Turkey. Places to go and visit from Alanya through to Antalya main town.

    Any chance we could have some posts on places to visit in Turkey. For me particularly between the Alanya area and Antalya main area. Other areas will be of interest to. I'm asking this not only because I hope to see something that I haven't seen already but because some of the posts are so...
  2. S

    Main attractions Alanya

    Hi everyone, I am visiting Alanya in in a week, from Konakli. I would really like to visit all the main attractions of Alanya in one day: the Red Tower, Shipyard, Castle (would like to take the bus up and walk down), Damlatas Cave, a quick look around Cleopatra Beach and maybe even have a look...
  3. B

    New Water Slide and Pool (Main beach in Akbuk)

    Returned to Akbuk; been here a week now. We noticed that at the back (virtually on) the main beach at Akbuk there is now a small water park and large pool that has been built. We thought that this might be for everyone (for maybe a small fee) but was told that it was part of the Ramada Hotel...
  4. A

    main drains

    Hi all.......... can anyone out there in the know if you are selling a property in akbuk are you still expected to pay the main drains bill even though its not due to 2014 I have heard so many different answers would anyone know if you have to pay it and do you know how much it is thanks
  5. perfect1949

    is there a digiturk main office in turgutreis

    does anybody know if there is a digiturk office in turgutreis so i can pay a bill for my friends . don't fancy going all the way to bodrum again but if i af tto i will . thanks for your help in advance . dave and shirley
  6. M

    New Main Square

    Work has just started on a new main square for Altinkum. The site is in front of the Gendarm barracks off Ataturk Blvd. The site will have a giant statue of Ataturk,seating and green areas. It will provide a focus for civic cerimonies and public gatherings. Work is due to take a year.Should look...
  7. niyaz

    Main a/c single switch

    Hi , i have a main a/c on/off switch which is 20 amps at my place in Dalaman. It trips after 2 or 3 days. When no appliance is on it still trips. I got the electrician over and he replaced another one and it still trips. Non of the electrical switches in the house ever trip. Just the main one...

    Main SGK/Yabanci Thread

    Yesterday while chatting to Sarah at the Ozel Hospital [Bodrum],she said her sidekick Deniz was reading the Hurriyet online & told her about an article on there about Yabanci's having to pay a monthly fee ,[as in the old UK national insurance], for services via the Devlet hospitals.I was told...
  9. M

    New Main Road

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can find out about the plans on the new road that will replace the coastal one when it is shut a Limon? This road goes up the hill just past Migros and comes out at the new roundabout in Gumulsuk high street. The new road goes right behind our development at Royal...
  10. S

    Main post office

    Just been told that the staff in the main post office in Bodrum walked out en-masse about a fortnight ago! Thought it was strange that we hadn't had all the parcels we were waiting for! Now they are training new staff so don't expect to be receiving any mail for a while by the sounds if it, a...
  11. V

    Ardvic Apartments Near Kivanc Other side of main road along dirt track

    Anybody know how I can book one of these apartments? Thanks in advance!!
  12. A89

    Main PTT

    Now that the main PTT is open on Saturdays does anyone know if you can post things on Saturday?? Apparently its always almost empty on Saturday but someone told me its only open for bill paying and you cant actually post anything that right?
  13. B

    Main Ford Agent

    Can anyone tell me where the main Ford dealer is in Kusadasi please. There used to be one on the road out from Soke on the way to the motorway (just after the turn off for Kusadasi and next to the Opel dealers) but it appears to have closed. Thanks.
  14. Ms Who

    WIT Main Meeting

    WIT Main Meeting to be held at the Orion Hotel at 7pm 26th March (tonight) Due to the changes that have taken place in WIT over the last couple of months and the resulting confusion (for all of us!!), we have decided to hold the meeting as an open forum for any questions you may have. Also...
  15. Mushtaq

    Chat room removed from main forum page

    I have removed he chat room from the forum home page, because it slows down that page and not everyones uses the chat room. The Chat room is still available from the left menu.
  16. peterbryant

    Main Dealer

    Hi Can anybody tell me of a main dealer for Kia in the Fethiye area. Thanks in advance Peter
  17. bobthenob

    fat people are the main cause of global warming

    l didn't write this,so please no back lash from the fatties. Written by Peter Aveyard,Date of publish 3/8/2007 Big fat slob Sharon Mevsimler has been told to loose weight or she will die within months. Sharon, from Essex, has complained of being left to die by the NHS. "They haven’t helped me...
  18. peter the postie

    Mini tornado on main beach

    Did anybody witness the mini tornado on main beach on sunday afternoon? Family members and myself were caught up in it and it was so surreal. Beds & brollies were literally flying around the small section of the beach, I saw one brolly that was at least 20 feet in the air. I dived on top of my...
  19. Marc

    15 minute parking on Didim main street

    Yes, maybe they have cottoned onto a money making scheme or maybe they want to ease the congestion on themain road through didim (towards Akbuk) but they have now set up 15 and 30 minute park zones all along that road, any one cought there longer will be towed and fined. Also the roadworks are...
  20. G

    Over a million Turkish families have no main source of income

    Does anyone know how the Turkish Welfare System works? -------------------------------------------------------------- Over a million families have no main source of income Monday, August 8, 2005 ANKARA - Turkish Daily News The Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) released a report on Sunday...
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