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    Mahmutlar Bypass

    Hi there, Just wondering does anyone know if there is still a plan for the D400 to bypass Mahmutlar. If so, has construction started or is there a planned start date? Are there any links to maps online? Thanks eddiedo
  2. H

    Mahmutlar in September

    Hi I was thinking of the last two weeks in September in Mahmutler but not sure given the current political climate. Can anyone give some advice who might be living in Mahmutlar Iwas there lest September and it was fantastic. All advice welcome.
  3. J

    Indian restaurant in Mahmutlar?

    hello everyone I am hoping to open an authentic indian restaurant in mahmutlar and wanted to to know what are your thoughts good or bad your feedback much appreciated thanks
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    Glass Mahmutlar

    Hi, I have a large piece of glass that has a couple of chips in it which I need polishing out, does anyone know a company that can do this for me please.
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    payg Mahmutlar

    Hi Does anyone know if payg unlimited wifi is available in Mahmutlar and if so the cost. Have been told that tt net do it if you go to their offices in Oba, can anyone confirm this and do you know the cost. Thanks in advance
  6. M

    Ripo Homes - Mahmutlar

    Has anybody had experience of, had dealings with, or any knowledge of this company? Are they reputable? Thanks
  7. G

    Camel wrestling in Mahmutlar???

    Hi Guys, This is a wonderfully weird question..........does anybody know anything about the Camel wrestling which is supposed to be taking place in Mahmutlar on 25th???? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    HSBC Mahmutlar

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if this Bank is still operating by the clock tower in Barbaros, as I have noticed that all of my accounts have changed to Alanya Subesi and my normal contact is not replying to me, which is very unusual. Thanks, Tash
  9. C

    Reasonable Emlak in Mahmutlar

    Hi, Could anyone suggest an Emlak in Mahmutlar to both sell through and put an apartment with for holiday rentals. Regards
  10. T

    Apartment for Sale in Mahmutlar - seaviews

    I have a 2 bedroom apartment in Mahmutlar for sale. It has seaviews from both balconies, is fully furnished, with a pool and gym in the complex. It is a well run block. It has 2 double bedrooms, 1 room has a balcony, 1 bathroom with toilet and shower, and a separate toilet too, fully equipped...
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    Mahmutlar Water Problems

    Hi all, Tried to get onto Mahmutlar Beldire site to see if water turned off, wonder if anyone there who could help/ I have clients there at the moment who are leaving tonight and no water, our Villas are located behind My Marine Residence and naturally all the neighbours are out that we would...
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    Mahmutlar By-pass

    Just wondering if anyone can direct me to a map online showing the proposed Mahmutlar by-pass? Thanks in advance Eddie
  13. M

    pedestrian crossings in Mahmutlar

    Just been in Mahmutlar and was delighted to see improvements in road infrastructure. There are new pedestrian crossings on main coast road. This is a great improvement. These are traffic-light controlled near Mahmutlar centre. Does anybody know are the other pedestrian crossings going to be...
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    Lawyers in Mahmutlar

    Hi Does anybody know of a lawyer in Mahmutlar, or has an office in Mahmutlar,or are they all in Alanya? Thanks
  15. C

    Will an IPad 4g work in Mahmutlar?

    Hi, Does anyone know if the Ipad 4G will work in Mahmutlar without the need to connect to an internet provider. Thanks:couch2:
  16. T

    Anyone know CKR Construction in Mahmutlar / Alanya?

    Hi, Has anyone had any dealings with CKR Construction or New Home In Turkey, based in Mahmutlar, if so would you buy from them ? Tash
  17. G

    3 bed 3 bath Villa in Mahmutlar for rent

    ?190,000 Castle View Villa,Pool,5 b/5b. Call 00353871948727 Slideshow & Video | TripAdvisor? This is actually a 5 bed 5 bath villa but only 3 beds are furnished and 2 baths and 1 wc so far. Long term or vacation rentals welcome. Listed up on Trip Advisor too. 10 mins walk to beach. We have...
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    5 bed/ 5 bath, pool, garage Mahmutlar

    ?190,000 Castle View Villa,Pool,5 b/5b. Call 00353871948727 Slideshow & Video | TripAdvisor?
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    Hi, Im looking for a playgroup for my little daughter , she is 10 months old. Love reading this forum! It help me so much , in the past two years! If anyone knows an english speaking playgroup for toddlers please let me know. Thank you
  20. Honeymoon Villa

    want to buy cheap apartment in mahmutlar

    if you are selling your apartment - need to buy before next season. owner direct only no agents. has to be mahutlar or kargicak
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