1. R

    Any Magic Jacks available?

    Need a Magic Jack. Anyone know if I can get one around here? Long shot but figure I would ask. Need to be able to transfer my US phone number.
  2. T

    Side still holds it's magic

    Hi all Had a great holiday in Side staying at the Kentia Apartments. Not visited Side since 2004 and what a lot of changes there were, however, the old town still is intact and still as it was. It was nice to see that a walkway has been built on the West side of the town and has made a lot of...
  3. tomc1984

    magic roundabout

    Anyone experienced the new roundabout at bitez junction? Nobody knows what to do, unless my idea of a roundabout is different. queuing to get OFF roundabout to give way to cars on main road.
  4. M

    Magic hands

    Hi everyone, I have not posted anything since new year so happy new year everyone. My wife was looking for a good hairdresser in and around Altinkum/Didim. We have heard magic hands are very good but does anyone know exactly where they are. cheers medi
  5. E

    Buying furniture from Magic Life

    We are moving to Alanya soon and want to start out furnishing our apartment without spending a fortune. We took a look at the package offerings from the Magic Life Mobilya store that is directly across from Kipa. The prices are certainly very attractive. Has anybody bought there and can tell...
  6. perfect1949

    the magic weekend at the Etihad stadium

    went to the magic weekend rugby league festival yesterday , what a fantastic day out . 63 thousand people attended the two days . apart from the rugby it was a carnival atmosphere with a stage set outside for singers and bands to entertain everyone , the only fault on the day that lasted 8...
  7. suzyq

    The Magic of the Fifties

    People often sneer at suburbia these days. They assume it’s dull, conventional and stuffed with nosy old spinsters hiding behind their net curtains and privet hedges. They think it’s all identical little houses, pebble-dashed, semi-detached with pointy roofs and a couple of mock-Tudor beams...
  8. abba

    Japanese Magic

    super magic video
  9. pineapple1

    The Magic Carpets

    I've put this in History because some carpets go back to the 16th century ...Even though i was in this buisness over 40yrs i still have to look at them , And i think how many hours of work went into them . With several members of the family making 1 carpet , Even the Children , Some carpets tell...
  10. ceemac

    Monarch sponsors flight giveaways on Magic 105.4

    Monarch, the airline company, is sponsoring a giveaway on Magic 105.4 of 100 flights during March. The campaign, called ‘Magic’s March Getaway…with’, offers listeners the opportunity to win either a pair, or four return flights, to a Monarch destination including Turkey, Gran...
  11. A

    Sorba Magic

    Have just bought a new sorba. Wood fired,heats the house and does the cooking. We bought a large single oven version for 200 YTL in Mumcular and a heatproof base for 15 YTL. We bought new chimney pipes for 5 YTL each from Dalda Market Gundoun (35YTL) Last year from Dec to March we had our sorba...
  12. Mushtaq

    Amazing magic tricks
  13. T


    you must try this.
  14. merlin

    The magic of Photoshop?

    Is it just makeup or is it paintbrush & photoshop.... Merv!
  15. R

    The mind of a child is magic.

    The Way Children See Things! NUDITY I was driving with my three young children one warm summer evening when a Woman in the convertible ahead of us stood up and waved. She was stark naked! As I was reeling from the shock, I heard my 5-year-old shout from the back seat...
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