1. S

    TLF New Monthly Magazine

    Here at TLF we have been for some time trying to produce an accompanying monthly magazine We embarked on extensive research paying particular attention to our Forums demographics including age sex political viewpoint etc We think we’ve nailed it perfectly We are rushing to get it available...
  2. Yalides

    Charlie Hebdo magazine

    Charlie Hebdo's UK distributor gave police list of stockists 'in case of community tensions' | Daily Mail Online Officer, Officer, I have a copy..... Its basically a crap mag.
  3. P

    A Place in the Sun magazine

    I wonder if you can assist with a feature I'm writing for A Place in the Sun magazine? I'm looking for ideally a couple (British) who are considering a property purchase in Fethiye, or any other resort in Turkey - second home or somewhere to live. It's for the magazine's property hunt feature...
  4. R

    New issue of Turkey InterCulture Magazine (Online Issue) December 2012

    Read New issue of Turkey InterCulture Magazine (Online Issue) Like and Leave your comments !
  5. R

    Turkey InterCulture Magazine: Do not miss the first issue!

    Dear Friends! NEW! Do not miss the first issue of Turkey InterCulture Magazine!!!! Be the first to read! Paper issue of Turkey InterCulture Magazine you can get in Mahmutlar at The International Culture Center Library. Library address: Menderes Bulvari, Apayalin Ismerkezi. Entrance on the...
  6. R

    Articles for the International Culture Magazine

    Dear Friends From October this year we have started an new project and doing the magazine about international life and culture in turkey and for each issue i collet articles from people/foreigners who live in Turkey full or part time, doesn t matter. Could it be possible for you to write an...
  7. F

    Contact for BALIK magazine

    Hi, I am looking for an email contact with the BALIK magazine. All I found was : balikyemleri at If you know toher fishing magazines in Turkey, I would be very interested, I would like to submit them an article about Goliath tigerfish (very rare). David
  8. Lyndsey

    New English Magazine.

    Click on the link below to read a new English magazine: It's called "On the Ege". Some really good columnists on board and I can't wait for next issue.
  9. Lynda

    Cleo Magazine

    The May issue of Cleo Magazine is now onsale from Gazipaşa to Antalya. If you cannot find it locally PM me and I will send you the local shop which is selling it. Again the ariticles are a in German and English with a good selection of clssified - if you read German!... need a few more to...
  10. Lynda

    Cleo MAgazine now in English

    Hiya Folks Do not get on here very often but like to browse now and again. Nice to see some familiar names on here ( note I did not say old!! LOL) Anyway wandering there a bit. Just to let the Alanya area know that Cleo magazine is now being published in English as well as German. This started...
  11. Mary

    Take a break magazine insertion

    Hi All, I am not sure about this magazine would like some feedback? Not sure there Target Audience is the right media for these cases. Take A Break are in communication with me to write the storys, I am ringing her back this morning. She is the senior features writer...
  12. KKOB

    Hello Turkey Magazine

    This magazine is targetted specifically at residents and holidaymakers on the Turkish Riviera. Hello Turkey Magazine | Your Guide In Turkey
  13. KKOB

    New Family Magazine Launch

  14. martin m

    new all turkey magazine

    Hi all purely from a information point, theres a new magazine on the block the difference with this one its all turkey, its called"property and living in turkey", unfortunately it cost £3.99 wh smiths I have enjoyed reading it and its re-installed some of the feel good factor hearing things...
  15. Germaine

    Free money saving magazine

    go to the link, fill in your details and wait for your free money saving guide magazine "Moneywise" to come through the door. When you submit your details you will get a message saying the 10,000 free copies have gone but you will will recieve a free copy of the next edition. the normal cover...
  16. Lynda

    Alanya Magazine Update

    I have put info in before on the Hello Alanya magazine which I have found to be excellent. Thought it was worth giving a reminder as it is still a interesting read. It is available free from various points around Alanya and you can access it thru It is now...
  17. dalid69

    Pick me Up Magazine

    Just letting people know our turkish kitten sweep is in todays edition (27th),i send in the funny picture of him drinking from the goldfish bowl and they have picked it to published. Just trying to get him on video doing it now then i will post it on the web. Paul
  18. PDM

    Dalaman News in 'Place in the Sun' magazine

    News Article Reads 'Turkey's south-west region has received a huge boost with the news that Easy-Jet will fly four times a week to Dalaman airport, starting March 2008. Further good news for the area is that a new golf course is due for completion at the end of this year,and 70,000 :hmm: new...
  19. PDM

    Kalkan in Place in the Sun Magazine

    There is a nice write up and photo's of Kalkan in 'The Place in the Sun Magazine' about Buy-to-let success in the area and 'guests are queuing up to stay in them'.
  20. peter the postie

    Which? magazine 30 day free trial

    Which? magazine 30 day free trial Which? Online offers its subscribers access to 100s of reports from audio visual equipment to cars... from food issues to legal advice. Sign up for the free 30 day trial. Please note that each household is only allowed to join this offer once...
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