1. bickern

    Turkish women who made history

    With the birth of the Turkish Republic, many rights have been granted to women, marking a milestone in the history of both the country and the world. The modern republic’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and his sweeping reforms have aimed to create gender equality between women and men, as he...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    This made me smile

    Thief reports theft of the bike....that he had just stolen, had the cheek to stop at a mosque after stealing it too! Bike stolen from thief in Adana in Turkey?s south
  3. IbrahimAbi

    This has made my day

    Abu Hamza, the hate preacher serving a life sentence in an American prison, has launched an appeal to return to jail in the UK. Let's hope it is...
  4. I

    Pet Food made in Turkey

    Hi everyone, What dry food brand made in Turkey do you recommend for dogs and or for cats? thank you
  5. captain

    Home made soap shop

    Does anyone know where the home made soap shop has moved to? Couldn't find it yesterday.
  6. Jaycey

    So God made a dog
  7. juco

    Collies, it made me laugh.

    Well I did have a Border Collie, Once you understand their behaviour (natural instincts) they are a bundle of fun.
  8. Jaycey

    Dentures made from the teeth of dead soldiers.

    “In 1815, dentistry as we know it today was in its infancy - and the mouths of the rich were rotten. So they took teeth for their dentures from the bodies of tens of thousands of dead soldiers on the battlefield at Waterloo... “ The dentures made from the teeth of dead soldiers at Waterloo -...
  9. immac

    Custard - Ready Made

    New to me at least is ready made custard in 500ml packs on sale in Migros. Very nice too: made by Pinar under name of Kremilla; around 5TL. I have Birds Custard Powder, which is of course very nice if in the mood to make it, but this is very handy. Ian ps it is in the milk section
  10. bal canavar

    Made in China

    Erdogan has decided to snub his Nato partners and especially America by choosing a Chinese firm for missile system CPMIEC $4bn long-range air and missile defence system knowing it will not be possible for it to be Integrated with the NATO defence system. It will now not be possible to...
  11. bickern

    sued by his ex-wife for £2m he made AFTER their divorce

    What exactly does divorce mean if you can start sticking your greedy fingers in the pie 20 years later. Dale Vince was 'abusive when ex-wife asked for maintenance payments' | Daily Mail Online
  12. beyazbayan

    Parking made easier

    Camera that'll see off the rear view mirror: Drives will be able to see footage from a camera mounted on the back of the car. Well that just may help as parking and reversing for me is a real problem due to the fact the manufacturer has placed the sterring wheel at the front of the car and my...
  13. Andrew and Mary

    Rugs, wall hangings made in Ödemiş Izmir

    I have just watched a programme on Kanal B and am amazed at what I saw!! A couple of guys were engaged in laying what appears to be highly coloured pieces of felt on a huge 'carpet' in what is obviously a traditional pattern. Then a thick layer of what I assume is sheeps wool which has been...
  14. Tommie

    Made in Dagenham (or Southampton)

    The Ford Transit factory in Swaythling, Southampton, has now closed with the loss of over 500 jobs, with another possible 750 jobs at Dagenham. The good news, at least for Turkey, is that they're moving production to Turkey, where costs are "significantly lower" More.. Unions had called the...
  15. pembelu

    Turkish hand made ' antique ' furniture for sale

    SELLING ON BEHALF OF FRIENDS and listing as they want (price and info) these items i know by uk standards are not antiques as not over 100yrs old but in turkey they are called antique this info is in turkish but can translate later when i get more info/ pics pls contact me for owners tel...
  16. C

    Made to Measure Kennels

    Solid wooden made-to-measure kennels, 100tl, can be delivered in the Mugla Region. All proceeds going to the new Koycegiz Animal Welfare Group for the upkeep of our new shelter. Please pm me for more details
  17. Briand

    Made me laugh

    Turkish divers rush to save 'drowning woman' who turned out to be an inflatable sex doll | Mail Online
  18. christella

    made my will today

    very easy and straight forward my lawyer translated my UK will into Turkish and i have to hand write my English will this way in will save a lot of time and trouble when the time comes if you just want to use your english will which i could have done it means going to court twice but for £200 i...
  19. djmagic

    what made you smile today.

    so tell us what made you smile today, a conversation or something on tv , did you see something funny that you can share here?
  20. S

    Made me think

    I am def not an animal nut but certainly do hate to see harm or abuse to any creature. I have been constantly critical of the appalling attitude to animal cruelty and neglect in Turkey and continue to feel that way. However, something I saw in our village 2 days ago has def given me reason to...
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