1. Camden

    Are they Mad ?

    Surely they must have known the risk, seeing marble workers wearing masks? Inhalation of marble dust can cause a disease called silicosis. The Tourists if they had inhaled marble dust whilst sunbathing could have damaged the cells within their respiratory system. Crazy........ In Bodrum...

    Mad honey

    A new one to me, though I suspect afew TLFers have been gorging on it for years !
  3. S

    Mad thatcher

    Expect an increase in ladder sales
  4. K

    Barking Mad?

    Crufts had a 'pitch invasion' at the prize giving last night. Vegan activists were responsible.
  5. S

    No statue for Mad thatcher

    Well I for one am angered Plan for statue of Mrs Thatcher outside Commons blocked | Daily Mail Online Outraged, Tunbridge Wells
  6. ted j

    Mad street dogs

    Kath and I were out on the bike this morning , going down Marina road We saw some new builds and turned down a side road for a better look, (a friend of ours is on the lookout for a place ). As we did we passed another side road, two street dogs came charging out , one was obviously out for...

    Mad charles

    I see Charles and Camilla are in Ireland these days for his third visit in three years. As he is as mad a box a frogs and married to a big horsey woman ... I like him
  8. Firefox

    RIP Mad Frankie Fraser

    Maximum amount of respect to 100% true Diamond Geezer See you in Haven Frank Mad Frankie Fraser dead: 12 things you never knew about the notorious gangland enforcer - Mirror Online :thumbup:
  9. B

    PC gone mad again.

    BBC News - Chris Packham asks Ant and Dec to end 'animal abuse' This is not a programme that I watch, although I have seen excerpts, but I think that this has to be the most ridiculous complaint I have ever heard. Bill.
  10. shirleyanntr

    how more mad can he get

    the pm is angry with the opposition because he says they are provoking him :hmm: the latest rant is due to the fact that he wont condemn ISIL..the terror group that are rampaging in İraq and Syria there has been a ban on media coverage of the 80 or more Turks who are in the hands of ISIL and...
  11. Freedom 49

    Mad friday

    If it was like this last Friday, 5 days before they actually celebrate Christmas, what will they be like by Wednesday morning? :hmm: I'm so pleased to be well away from all that and even more pleased that my poor old Mum & Dad are so long departed that they actually never had to see what's...
  12. SLEEPY


    Yesterday I was dragged out for a pint by some of my more dubious friends in Sofia who were finishing off their Paddys day celebrations. Anyway at one stage in the proceedings we ended up in a Bulgarian bookies in one of the back streets,and what an emporium of fun and craic. Not being a gamble...
  13. lilacdiana

    Mad Moment

    Have you ever done something and the minute you have done it you think to yourself how could I have been so stupid to do that!!!! My job is visiting people in their own homes who need some form of help to enable them to stay there so things we do are wide and varied. On Monday I visited a chap...
  14. S

    Makes me feckin mad!!

    I assume this is only a disgusting problem with lowlifes here in Belfast. I was visiting my mum/dad/bruvs grave again today and yet again the graveyard was populated by wasters sitting about with off licence carry outs drinking next to graves. Really outrageous.
  15. tallulah

    Has the world gone mad?

    Pakistani girl accused of Qur'an burning could face death penalty | World news | The Guardian I can't help but think the wrong person is in prison here.
  16. B

    Has the world gone totally mad!!

    You could not make it up, though some of the sights you see walking around here maybe a pair of these would not be so bad!! Orthodox Jewish men given a new weapon in the war against sexual temptation… blurred glasses so they can’t see women ..It may seem a short-sighted solution but blurred...
  17. A

    Mad Weather!

    What a night last night in Dalaman,thunder & lightning,with Very Warm winds that felt like a mini tornado!! Called in Gocek this morning to see boat show and all the stalls were demolished.....
  18. shirleyanntr

    mad bad teacher

    now heres something new...i cant believe what ive just read Kill potentially problem children before they can walk...and the man that came out with this horror is an elementary school principal Nutty no doubt..but why wasn't he recognised as being so before this outburst. He's now been...
  19. perfect1949

    i must be mad

    sitting on my sun terrace last night watching the sunset with a glass of red in my hand , what was the hottest day of the year so far . i thought with view's like i have what the hell are you selling it for . if i sell and rent i would still be on my own so what is the point in selling , what do...
  20. T

    The mad Celt

    I have been on TLF for 6 years now and enjoyed my membership and made great friends. I feel for various personal reasons that ,for the past few months, I have not only let myself down by my behaviour, but also members I look upon as valued friends. My attitude has been downright nasty at times...
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