1. arrian

    Breadmaking machines

    asking my grand daughters what to buy their mum for Christmas, they said she wanted a bread making machine. i've never had one of these, so don't know anything about them. any advice on what to look for would be appreciated, and are the more expensive ones necessarily better machines? thanks...
  2. L

    Cash Machines - Another question

    Can someone tell me if I can withraw sterling from cash machines and whether i will be charged? I am Natwest but have read that there is a HSBC bank in Altinkum that you can withdraw sterling from?
  3. B

    ATM Cash Machines in Gumbet resort

    Does anyone know if the ATM Cash Machines in Gumbet are working yet? We were out there May 6th - 16th and noticed that the Belediyesi has shut down ALL the ATM's in the Resort, although the ones at the Banks up by OASIS/Gumbet Centrum were still working fine. There were loads of Tourists who...
  4. lara

    Sewing Machines

    Bought a sewing machine last night from Macro, £40 + vat, weighs less than 4kilo's. I'm going to try it out this weekend, I wanted one to take to Turkey, so fingers crossed, this one is ok. Hopefully I can take this as hand luggage when we return later in the year, minus it's needles. Forgot to...
  5. B

    Cash machines

    HI ALL Can anyone help please we are coming to DIDIM next week at our appartment in VIVA MAR is there any ATM machines in DIDIM or ALTINKUM that gives out ENGLISH POUNDS we do know that there is in BODRUM thanks CHRIS & MEL :224xb::36329ht5b
  6. C

    washing machines

    Hello Could you give pointers as to what words mean on washing machine controls? Many thanks
  7. v6cod

    Drive through cashpoint machines

    At new drive-through cashpoint machines, customers will be able to withdraw cash without leaving their vehicles. To enable users to use this new facility the following procedures have been drawn up. Please read the procedure that applies to your own circumstances (i.e. MALE or FEMALE) and...
  8. B

    coffee machines in Bodrum

    Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone who visits metro in Bodrum could help me out as I'm debating a question with my husband at the moment. I want to buy a coffee machine in uk & the little discs that go in it, just to make sure I have the coffee I want. He thinks that's a rubbish, ridiculous idea...
  9. G

    Caution-cash machines Turgutreis

    Hi, a caution to anyone using the cash machines in the centre of Turgutreis (by Jandarma!); There are scammers setting the HSBC machine to show 'out of service-card will be retained' so people don't use it, then a 'helpful' person tells you that one of the other machines are ok to use. If you...
  10. T

    Instructions for using the new 'drive-through' cashpoint machines

    Instructions for using the new 'drive-through' cashpoint machines Can you all note that with the arrival of the new 'Drive-Through' cashpoint machine, users will be able to withdraw cash without having to leave their vehicle. To enable users to utilise this new facility, the following...
  11. H

    cheapest fridges and washing machines

    We are furnishing our house in Yalikavak. Can anyone help us with finding the cheapest place for new fridge and washing machine? thanks
  12. lorraine

    Washing Machines

    Washing machines do vary in price, higher spin speeds are not alot more than Mushtaq quoted. However, do try to get a cold fill, nothing worse than putting the on and it then taking all your hot water from the tank, and the next day a weather a bit overcast you will find you have little or no...
  13. I

    Catholic churches, money and cash machines

    Now theres a combination!. Please can any one tell us if there is a Catholic Church in Kusadasi, ? are there many cash machines? and what is the best way from peoples experience of taking spending money, I have not used travellers cheques since the early 90s in spain I usually just get it on...
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