1. 1

    Easyjet on Mac

    Morning, Hope someone techie can help me. At home I use an Apple Mac, with Safari for internet browsing. Since Tuesday, I cannot book flights on Easyjet. When the calendar appears in a new window, I cannot scroll down to find the dates I want, the new window only shows June & July. I have...
  2. bickern

    Output a Mac to a TV

    3 In1 Thunderbolt Mini Display Port MINI DP Male To HDMI DVI VGA Female Adapter Converter Cable. Connect your HDMI TV, monitor or computer to a Mini DisplayPort link for Apple. Brand new, bought in error. Only 50TL. Only 50 TL
  3. 1

    Easyjet flights and Apple Mac

    Hope someone can help me! I was trying to book my flights last night using my Mac. All was going well until I tried to select my dates. A new pane opened on right hand side, but I could not see my cursor to navigate up/down Any advice on why this may be? I also had the same problem with...
  4. christella

    apparently mac supports windows

  5. U

    Mac or Windows?

    My wife's 10 year old Vista windows computer has died, she is now wondering if a Mac would be better than Windows 10 (after listening to my moans & groans!) Are there other Mac users out there? and what are the advantages?
  6. Spurs

    Big Mac, Big fine

    I think the EU is on a mission to nail US companies. McDonald's faces potential ?1bn EU tax avoidance probe - BBC News
  7. bickern

    Mac OS X is the most vulnerable OS

    Don't shoot the messenger here folks, I am posting info not an opinion. By the way, I don't think security firm GFI can be called Windows fanboys so... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ According to a report by security firm GFI, Apple's Mac...
  8. bickern

    backdoor to Mac OS X

    A word of warning: A group of hackers known for past cyberespionage attacks against the U.S. Defense Industrial Base, as well as companies from the electronics and engineering sectors, has recently started using a backdoor program to target Mac OS X systems. The malicious program is dubbed...
  9. bickern

    Android on Windows, Linux or Mac.

    For those that are a bit geeky and want to know what Android is all about or may have a favourite App they like on Android then why not install Android on your PC or laptop, or if you are faint of heart, a friend who is tech savvy may do it for you. The reason I installed Android on my PC is...
  10. bickern

    North Korea rips off Apple's Mac OS X

    North Korea may is one of the world’s most oppressive and backward-looking regimes, but when it comes to computing it seems the so-called ‘hermit state’ is making a token effort to keep up with the times. Screenshots have recently surfaced of the country’s national operating system, Red Star OS...
  11. Jaycey

    Mac is now supporting Windows!

  12. R

    Apple Mac Mini

    My son gave me his Apple mini i don't know what my husband has done but i cant get it out of power saving mode can anyone help me with this a simple way thanks Roz xx:20:
  13. J

    Getting ITV on a Mac

    Hi there, does anyone know how to watch ITV on a MAC? Cheers.
  14. Mushtaq

    Windows vs Linux vs Mac ??

    Recently I had a problem with one of PCs that was running windows 7, I had to do a complete reinstall, and as I was searching for solutions to my problem, I came across information on Linux (which I have played with over the years but didn't really use it much other than on servers). I decided...
  15. Bibby

    Warning: Skype for Mac, problems

    I downloaded Skype 5.0.0. There is a problem with this as it's "Not supported on this architecture". For a bit more info go here: Error message: "Architecture not supported" on MAC... - Skype Community and click on the link for 'old apps' then download Skype I previously tried to do...
  16. B

    Apple Mac Dongle

    Anyone been able to access the Internet using a dongle and Mac computer? Friends of mine had no problem wıth their laptop (PC) so İ went along to the same shop but they took one look at the Apple logo and shook their heads. Are there any other shops round these parts( Fethiye,Dalyan) who might...
  17. J

    Apple MAC shop

    Hi there, I would like to know how to get to the Apple store in Alsancak. I'm not very familiar with Izmir and wondered if anyone can give me directions. We'll be driving along the motorway from Soke. Cheers.
  18. J

    One Big Mac costs average İstanbulite 48 minutes of labor

    In Todays Zaman. (not able to post link) How long to work to be able to buy one in Dalaman Airport? lol
  19. no-nem

    Mac lads

    Macc lads Has anybody over here or at home got any stuff by the Macc lads? if you have I would dearly love cd copies.(before you ask, they are not some tame folk group, but a quite explicit and amusing band from Macclesfield) please PM me if you can help.(for those that have not heard of them...
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