1. Mojive


    :cheer2: :cheer2: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lynne :cheer2: :cheer2: Wishing you a very happy birthday today :pressie: Hope you having a good day :couch2: :party: :cheers::474cu: :cheers: Mo xx
  2. A

    Happy Birthday Lynne

    Thanks for introducing us to this beautiful part of Turkey - and a very happy birthday from Mike and myself x Angela x:cheer2:
  3. OWENA

    Happy birthday to lynne

    Happy Birthday Lynne - wish we were there with you lot. Never mind, will try later in the year. All the best, Owena and Tony
  4. okartal69


    hi lynne ,gundoğan is very lonely without you ,all gundoğan miss you...

    Lynne and Josh... Superstars!

    'What's new at Sankop?...' Just about everything about our house, is the short answer! (Note to mods: This isn't 'spam', just a genuine note of thanks, which might be of great help to others on the forum) As many of you will know from some of our other TLF posts and PMs, we were out in Bodrum...
  6. Bibby

    Hi, I'm Lynne

    Hello to y'all. Dave and I moved to Üzümlü, Fethiye in July '07. We're very happy here and are trying to learn Turkish in order to speak with our Turkish neighbours, who are lovely. Looking forward to seeing what plants survived the winter. We were told they would all be OK in Uzumlu but...
  7. Andy

    Happy Birthday Lynne

    Just like to wish our Lynne a very happy birthday today Love & best wishes XX :pressie:
  8. P

    Buying in Bodrum? Use Lynne Harrison!

    We (13 of us!) have just got back from our weeks trip to the Bodrum area. The purpose of the trip was to deal with issues such as setting up bank accounts, obtain tax ref nos, furnishing two apartments, dealing with the developer who has overun in terms of completion - and get a few days rest...
  9. Ms Who

    I love Lynne Mcl (the nosey one)

    Cos she just walked into the office carrying a large bag of cadburys chocolate and Jelly Babies!! hours of fun biting their heads off!! Unfortunately, the plan to tease Pennie with the cadbury's goodie bag and have her dribbling was foiled as she appeared in the office too (probably lured by...
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