1. M

    Dame Vera Lynn

    Just heard that this lady has died at the age of 103. RIP Maisie
  2. J

    Wish to contact Dave & Lynn Munro

    Hi,can anyone help put me on contact with Dave & Lynn Munro. Private matter ( not the end of the world type issue) Best Regards Jim Dowling
  3. Sunny Seasider

    My Friend Lynn

    Lynn passed away peacefully this morning, she was in no pain, her husband Phil was by her bedside. We have many happy memories that we can treasure, I will miss her so very much, but over the last couple of days, Lynn has been ready to go, it was so sad to see her life ebb away, but it is a...
  4. gizmo

    Lynn Redgrave R.I.P.

    Lynn, sister of Vanessa and aunt of Natasha (wife of Liam Neeson) passed away after a long battle, 7 years, with breast cancer. May she now be at peace.:(
  5. chesney

    My Auntie Lynn

    İ know İ havent been on here for such a long tme but as many of you know work doesnt permit such things. But İ would just like to say a huge thank you to my Auntie Lynn Mc and for all the things shes done for me and my family!! HAHA I hope im embarassing you!!! Whenever she comes over she...
  6. H

    ken and lynn

    hi to every one. about to move into our new home in bitez after a long 2years.
  7. lagirl1961

    Hi There from Lynn and Allan

    Hi everyone, We are new to this forum and are pretty new to living in Turkey. We bought an apartment in Yalikavak last June which is finished but like many of you, we are still waiting on the illusive Tapu. We live in the West Midlands,UK and think this has been the longest winter in memory...
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