1. Andy

    Happy Birthday Lynda

    Happy Birthday Lynda, enjoy the rest of your day & let hubby pamper you. Best Wishes :pressie::pressie: Andy PS What have you been doing, haven't seen you on the Forum lately.
  2. shirleyanntr

    For Lynda

    its when youve got a problem and wondering where to turn that you realise what a good friend is. we are going on the bus tonight to Antakya. for a few days ..and a couple of weeks ago a friend brought a kitten she had found on the street..she didnt want it..but couldnt leave it as it was...and...
  3. Lynda

    Shirley & Lynda Limericks...

    Shirley and I where busy bees last night. I decided I wanted to advertise our lack of "catchers" at our restaurant by something different.....? We came up with a limerick...what do others think :der: can you come up with something better??? Go on give it a go..I am sure sure someone on here can...
  4. Harem

    Lynda's Birthday!!

    Many happy returns from me. Hope you have one of the best days of your life!! :pressie: :pressie: :pressie:
  5. shirleyanntr

    happy birthday Lynda

    :52: stop working so down live longer tomorrow is another day but TODAY make time for YOU have a happy birthday..
  6. L

    This one for Lynda

    Hi Lynda Im thinking of renting my villa out.Is they any demand for private rentals with all the 5* hotels around Alanya. Laura
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