1. K

    Lycian Way Ultra Marathon

    This was posted by Bal on another thread but as the Lycian Way crosses the Datca Peninsula I've copied the info across for Datca folk.There's a link attached. Anyone interested? ' 150 runners, 34 of whom are foreign nationals, will be participating in the nearly 250 kilometer (150 mile)...
  2. bal canavar

    Lycian Way Ultra Marathon Fethiye

    150 runners, 34 of whom are foreign nationals, will be participating in the nearly 250 kilometer (150 mile) Lycian Way Ultra Marathon. Its 6-legs will be taking runners through historic ruins and forests, mountains and beaches. The 6-leg Lycian Way Ultra Marathon began on Sunday in the Aegean...
  3. T

    walking the Lycian Way

    Im looking for a good 3 day walk for a UK based walking group. Im thinking of the first part of the Lycian Way. I have the Kate Clow guide book. Does anyone know how hard it would be to walk from Oludeniz to Kabak in one day. Her book suggests 7 hrs? The Olive Garden Pansion is a great place to...
  4. K

    Caunos Lycian Way Path

    The Fetihye Times has reported that work is underway to create a new long distance path that will connect Caunos to Antalya: "A second Lycian Way also hit the news in an entirely different context this week, when plans were announced to reveal the route of another long distance path connecting...
  5. babsgood

    Lycian way

    there is an article about the Lycian way in todays Telegraph: Turkey's Lycian Way: Walking on the trail of ghosts - Telegraph We are keen walkers and are thinking of walking part of this later this year, has anyone any experience to share any suggestions for reasonably priced accommodation...
  6. KKOB

    Lycian Way Walker Vanishes

    The wife of a British man who has gone missing while walking the Lycian Way in Turkey fears he may have been abducted. BBC NEWS - Abduction fear for missing walker on Lycian Way
  7. KKOB

    Run The Lycian Way

    An Ultra Marathon is being run from the 2nd May lasting 6 days, and will follow the Lycian Way starting from Fethiye. For further details see the Land of Lights. Land of Lights
  8. L

    Greetings from the Lycian Coast

    Hi, I am German and I am living and working permanently in Sarigerme (next beach to Dalyan`s Turtle beach and 12 km away from Dalaman). I would be glad to find people who like our area around Dalyan and Dalaman!
  9. immac

    Lycian Way

    From ZAMAN newspaper: Three spring walks on the Lycian Way Looking across the bay from Antalya, I can see the Beydağlar peaks silhouetted in white against the translucent blue sky. Below the snowline, deep wooded valleys and bare limestone slopes rise above the holiday resorts of Göynük...
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