1. Jaycey

    I've got a lurker!

    I have this irritating icon on my Win7 desktop that I can’t delete .. the ‘recycling’ message comes up and runs forever without deleting it. Same happens if I try to drag it into the recycle bin. If I run ‘Properties’ the properties dialog box doesn’t come up. I run CCleaner – still there...
  2. K

    Watch out, lurker about!

    Having spent a long time lurking around these boards, I think it's about time I introduced myself. I have previously lived in Turkey and am now back living in the UK (I am originally from Dublin, Ireland) but from next year I hope to spend a lot more time in Turkey - not sure exactly where yet...
  3. A

    Another lurker here - Ann

    Hi Mustaq....finally got logged on but thanx for your e-mail. Hi everybody else. My husband, Graham, and myself, are returning to the UK next Tuesday and from there are travelling to Turkey to buy our retirement home. I must admit I have been 'lurking' on this forum for some time now, naughty...
  4. teresa

    I was a lurker but now I'm here.

    I was reading my other forum yesterday and someone referred to readers who never joined as lurkers. I have lurked on another forum before for a while and never joined - because I never wished to. I have lurked on this one for a little while and it seems to be shaping up well Mushtaq. My...
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