1. R

    Easyjet Hand Luggage restriction

    See below located on the Easyjet website today. Turkey Travel restrictons 30/07/2020 IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PASSENGERS TRAVELLING TO AND FROM TURKISH AIRPORTS Following a requirement from Turkish regulatory authorities, passengers travelling into or out of Turkish airports will only be allowed...
  2. F

    Sending luggage home

    I realise that like most subjects, this one must have been covered extensively, but I'm not very clever when it comes to using websites (I blame old age) so apologies for raising the question again. We recently sold our abode here in Fethiye and now have 5 suitcases which we wish to send to the...
  3. N

    Computers not allowed in hand luggage ?

    Just before we landed in Izmir two weeks ago the air hostess on our Thomas Cook flight announced that on our return journey to the UK 23/6/18 no computers would be allowed in the hand luggage and should be placed in the hold luggage. . As we only have hand luggage , we have a villa over here ...
  4. S

    Ryanairs hand luggage tax
  5. L

    Pegasus Hand Luggage

    We are taking some of our personal goods to Northern Cyprus in a couple of weeks but want to take our stereo and coffee machine in our hand luggage, it fits in size and weight but cant find on their website if electrical goods are allowed in hand baggage. I know l can out it in the hold but dont...
  6. A

    what food can you take in hand luggage

    Hi going to bodrum via Bristol airport and wondered are you allowed to take cheddar cheese in hand luggage and also tinned food ie corned beef not any tins with liquid inside. Thanks art2
  7. L

    Hand Luggage

    Hi Guys. I am looking to bring some things to Turkey and leave them there. Can I take to Turkey in my hand luggage a laptop and kindle etc or does it still have to go in the hold? I will be passing through Munich from Birmingham to Izmir. Many thanks leeb
  8. S

    Luggage wrapping at Bodrum Airport?

    Hi there, does anyone know if there is a luggage wrapping machine at Bodrum, you know where you can cellophane the whole case? Just trying to look at ways that tablets/laptops would be safe in hold luggage coming back to the UK!! Thanks Sara
  9. B

    Flight 5 May 2017 Dalaman-Birmingham Extra Luggage

    Thomson flight Dalaman Birmingham 5th May 2017 Is there anyone booked on this flight that is not intending on using their baggage allowance that would be prepared to take extra luggage for me. I have tried to book through Thomson but because I booked with Thomson turkey I am only allowed a...
  10. D

    Luggage Collection at Izmir Airport

    I know there are now separate Domestic and International terminals at what happens to your luggage if you fly domestic from Istanbul to Izmir after having first flown international London to istanbul? In the past when the terminals were in the same building when you arrived at Izmir...
  11. Justin

    Lost/delayed luggage

    Hi just thought I'd share and ask for some advice on a problem I have. I was on flight from Manchester to Istanbul((TK1994) then Istanbul to Izmir(TK2396) on 3rd January 2016. On arrival at Izmir may case did not. I filled in a form and gave a copy of my passport and was told to call the...
  12. stmary

    extra luggage , flying turkish airlines

    Hi , we are moving to Turkey on the 5th Dec , flying with Turkish airlines , it says 1 case 20 kilo and one 8 kilo hand luggage free for each person. But we have got 2 extra cases weighing around 20 kilo each , will they let us on with them , we are willing to pay the extra allowances . hope...
  13. M

    Luggage carousel in Gazipasa airport?

    I used Gazipasa airport once just when it opened a few years ago and the luggage was transported to the terminal on a truck. Has there been improvements and is there a luggage carousel now?
  14. N

    Glass in hand luggage

    Hi, Can anyone please help? I am travelling with hand luggage only and want to buy a few turkish glass dishes. Am I able to carry in my hand luggage? Many thanks Angela
  15. Mag

    Transferring Luggage to Airport in advance.

    Hi, Just wondering if any members can recommend a company for transferring luggage to airport in advance of a flight? We are travelling to Gatwick on Gatwick Express following an overnight stay in London for a concert. Thought it would be handy if we could get luggage transferred to the airport...
  16. C

    Electricals in hand luggage

    Hi all,I am planning to take a glass lamp back to the UK,I wonder is it possible to take it as hand luggage ? I wasn't sure if all electrical items had to go in the hold,thank you.
  17. M

    Monarch hold luggage

    Hi, has anyone flown with monarch recently? We have booked the extras package with them which includes baggage etc, but I'm not sure if I will get all of the 26 kg in one bag, I know some airlines let you take it in 2 bags but when I've looked on the website it says it costs over £42 to take a...
  18. paddington bear

    Monarch Hand Luggage

    For the first time we are flying to the UK with Monarch. Does anyone know if they are pedantic about the size of hand luggage? My hand luggage bags, which I have used on TC flights, are OK on the height and length but the width they are quoting on their web site is 25cm and mine are 28cm and...
  19. suecheshireuk

    Pegasus hand luggage

    Does anyone know if you can combine your hand luggage with Pegasus? IE put 10 kg in one lot and 6 kg in another. Thanks Sue xx
  20. CJD

    Leaving luggage at airport

    We have a 6 hour wait at Ataturk airport before our uk flight is there anywhere to leave our hand luggage so that we can take a trip into instanbul?
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