1. suecheshireuk

    Lufthansa Christmas flights

    Does anyone have any idea when Lufthansa, or Turkish airline release their flights for Christmas (no, not this year...). Heading from Izmir to Manchester. Thanks Sue xx
  2. gerald

    Lufthansa discount voucher

    For those that don't fly direct to Turkey this may be of use £10, €15 or €20 Lufthansa discount voucher for free
  3. christella

    lufthansa flight

    looks like we will be changing flights 3 times coming back izmir to heathrow izmir to munich, munich to dufsseldore, dufsseldore to heathrow only just checked my booking did not realise never mind anybody done it and what is the airports like LH 1781 operated by: LUFTHANSA 29 May IZMIR TR...
  4. M

    Lufthansa flıghts

    Hı Just booked flıghts for our xmas holıday,3 weeks ın the UK!!!! Got a good deal from Lufthansa and Atlasjet. Bodrum-Istanbul return 18TL+ tax total for two of us 126TL Istanbul-Frankfurt-Manchester return 806TL for two of us. In total 932TL,not bad ı thought. Mark
  5. B

    Lufthansa food

    We're travelling with Lufthansa Man-Muc-ADB later this week. Just wondering what food they serve. My husband is Turkish and obviously doesn't eat pork. We don't usually order a vegetarian meal as he eats other meats and there is always a chicken option. However, this time we're flying early...
  6. jandj

    Lufthansa charges.

    We are flying with Lufthansa this year, travelling from Heathrow to Izmir. We are allowed one suitcase each at 23kg per case. We want to take an extra case and found out that it would cost 50 euros. Bit high we thought, but there are a lot of things to take over this year. But when I enquired...
  7. merlin

    Lufthansa keeps focus on growing market in Turkey....

    TDN Lufthansa German Airlines recorded passenger volumes in Turkey up 20 percent in the first seven months of this year, according to Thierry Antinori, the airline's vice president of marketing and sales. Antinori made the remarks at an informal news conference yesterday in Istanbul, joined...
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