1. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday Luckycat

    Here's wishing you a Happy Birthday Sue. Hope You & Ibrahim enjoy your wee sojourn up in Scotland. :cheers:
  2. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday Luckycat

    Well the day is almost here, and I know you WILL be busy tomorow. :bigkiss: So Sue Here's All our best for you to have a special birthday tomorrow, enjoy every minute. :cheer2: :cheers: :cheer2: :cheers: :cheer2: :cheers: :cheer2: :cheers: :cheer2:
  3. Yalides

    Happy birthday to Luckycat and Ukizook

    Happy birthday to you both from Des and Diane and the rest of us.....
  4. zuberdust


    Dear luckycat.... i am so honestly sorry right from the heart that i offended you.. please forgive me. i am just young and immature, i dont think before i write, i only hope you have it in your very kind heart to forgive me. and all other users too, :crying...
  5. Miss Money Penny


    Hey Sue how was your holiday?
  6. jcrian

    Happy Birthday Luckycat

    Happy birthday,hope you have got over your stomach bug. Enjoy your day.
  7. madturkishcow

    Letter to LuckyCat.......

    Dear Mom, I have been here for a week now and have to say I am having a good time although I miss being the center of your undivided attention! :) That little thing (hahhaaaa he only comes up to my knee caps) thinks I am his mother and I have reluctantly given him a few friendly licks, the odd...
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