1. S

    Good luck Lionesses

    Anyone gonna be watching the women's semi final football tonight. England v USA . I wish them luck for tonight and I reckon it'll be a very good match.
  2. G

    Re: Good luck

    Re: Good luck Good luck to Ann and Sally Ann on Sunday, hope the weather is good to you for the sale of your wonderful christmas cards and fantastic christmas crackers. We bought some last year and were so impressed with the contents that we've bought the luxury ones this year. Also...
  3. Freedom 49

    Well, Good Luck with That!

    Interesting invitation arrived in my mail this morning. After first coming into Turkey 43 years ago and living here permanently for for just over 18 years now, I accept the fact that I'm living in a Land of Backhanders. I don't have to join the club and be a part of it, I just accept the fact...
  4. shirleyanntr

    good luck Giglets and Mrs Giglets

    May i wish you all the best on your imminent return to Bonnie Scotland take care may all your dreams come true :224xb:
  5. G

    Good Luck To The Bhoys!!!

    Tonight Glasgow Celtic play one of their biggest matches in recent years. A victory against Benfica would ensure qualification through to the knockout stages of the competition with a game remaining.Indeed, a scoring draw would take Celtic through if Spartak Moscow fail to beat Group G leaders...
  6. giglets

    Bad Luck Brian

  7. Mojive

    I must be Mad:-)Wish me luck!!

    This is what I am up to this morning....along with loads of others I hope!!! Im mad because I still got a rotten cold, but have been informed so has every other person in Bournemouth, when I agreed to take part I was fine.All for a good cause so off I go wish me LUCK!!!!!:becky: Mo xx ZUMBA...
  8. A

    How to say Good Luck

    Hi there our Turkish friend is opening his own little restaurant in Didim today and sadly we cant be there to give him support I would like to sent him a good luck text message and although his English is good I would like to send it it Turkish. can anyone give me a nice good luck message in...
  9. alison09400

    Good Luck Aaron!

    Good luck to Aaron McGregor with his new career at Rangers. I'm sure he will get a great welcome from the team's true supporters GAA star signs for Glasgow Rangers - GAA, Sport -
  10. 1

    Well, wish me luck.......

    Well tomorrow morning I fly out to Altinkum, for a week of fun (!) in the sun. Whilst there, I will hopefully be able to collect my tapu, after paying for my property in 2006......I am quite positive that it really will happen.......(or is that tempting fate?) I would just like to say a big...
  11. Freedom 49

    A bit of luck can only be a good thing.

    This year, July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. A phenomenon that only occurs every 823yrs. This is called 'Money Bags' and is based on Chinese Feng Shui. Forward the info' onto your friends and inside 4 days cash or good fortune will be on its way to you. :thumbup: This year we will...
  12. L

    No luck with long term rental

    I've noticed that most people posting for long term rentals on here don't seem to get many, if any replies. Anyone got any advice of best agents/places to look ? I'm looking for a 3bed apartment/villa with shared pool in Torba for April to October next year whilst we try and find somewhere to buy.
  13. S

    Good Luck Down!

    Very best wishes to Down today-lets bring Sam back North!
  14. arrian

    i wish i had HER luck!!!!!

    Lady Luck: Jackpot Joan Scoops Fourth Win - Yahoo! News UK
  15. S

    Tomorrow's D'Day for flying my dogs Wish me luck

    Hi Tomorrow is the day that I fly my dogs to Turkey, I have my export Certificates, two dogs and two passport holders, so why am I sooo worried, are they going to end up going round the carousel, am I going to have to give a bit of money to the Customs, am I going to be able to get them out of...
  16. Rainbow

    Good Luck Ceni

    I want to wish you a safe journey back to the UK. Good luck with your treatment and please keep us informed of your progress. Thinking of you. Soo x
  17. peter the postie

    Why its bad luck to leave your decorations up too long

    I've often wondered how the suspicions regarding leaving xmas decorations up after 12th night arose. Here's the explanation
  18. giglets

    Good Luck, Celtic!

    G'wan the Bhoys!!! Dave
  19. B

    Good luck Ireland

    BEST of luck against South Africa today -bebs
  20. peter the postie

    Good luck to the Republic

    Just to say good luck to the Irish vs France in their big game tonight.Oh and thank you for giving me my alternative to The X Factor on telly too :)
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