1. R

    LPG or Diesel?

    What would be the best miles per gallon (Kilometer per Lira) option LPG or Diesel? I know that LPG is cheaper but was told that it is used up faster than benzin. What would be cheaper on the wallet in the long run? Day to day cost?
  2. W

    LPG installation in Turkey.

    I currently have a 2 year residency permit which expires in October 2015. I drive over to Turkey usually twice a year for 2 to 3 months at a time. When I buy a car I always have it converted to LPG in the UK . However this time I am seriously thinking of bringing over my new car to have it...
  3. N

    LPG teest cert

    I have been told by a garage in altinkum that LPG green card is not done any more just emission test for visa can any body confirm this please.
  4. N

    car LPG

    Can some one tell me nearest place to didim to get my car LPG certificate i used to go to shell garage in soke they had test people come there one day a week is this still the place to go .
  5. W

    Lpg installation

    Just wondering if anyone has had their car converted to LPG in Turkey. Certainly prices are much cheaper but does anyone know the process and price of having it registered.
  6. W

    Lpg system problem

    I am looking for recommendations re a good reliable auto electrician and/or a good reliable LPG auto mechanic in the Didim/Bodrum area. . I have a supposed top of the range Prins LPG system fitted to my car .On the drive over, the system developed a fault whereby it would switch over from gas...
  7. K

    LPG (Gas seals report)

    Can anyone tell me where to obtain this as it seems I need one for the TUV test.
  8. Helenm150

    Converting car to LPG

    Hi folks, I have been looking at purchasing a 2007 Renault Modus 1.6 automatic (benzine). Has anyone owned or driven this car - any feedback would be appreciated. I know the car had some gearbox problems but I have been told these have now been sorted out by Renault and they have given a 3...
  9. guzzigeezer

    UK Elddis 300 A Class - 2.0 Petrol + LPG for Sale in Turkey

    After much soul searching, I've decided to put my trusty home for the last 8 months up for sale. Photos of the camper are on this link. please pm me for link as this website will not let me post links At the moment she is in Kas, Turkey but I shall be heading back to the UK at the end of April...
  10. S

    LPG leakage report

    LPG leakage report / LPG Raporu Does anyone know where to get one of these done near Didim/akbuk? or is it LPG Raporu I think I need one for MOT as car is LPG Robbie
  11. altinkum kev

    Range master LPG

    This Range master is full LPG just what you need in Turkey ,new kitchen is the reason for sale £1000 can deliver.same as library photo
  12. dalid69

    Fiat Palio For Sale LPG

    We are selling our Fiat Palio 1400cc hatchback 5 door,it is a 1998 model but in good condition,regularly serviced,new brakes last september,all tyres are good,has GAS so cheaper lpg running costs,the visa and gas check are due end of next month but these will be done included in the price,the...
  13. P


    hey does anyone have an LPG storage tank that they use for heating? How expensive are they to run? Ive read that its possible to convert to wood burning stove but have LP?G as a back up for if the wood burner goes out LPG would kick in. thanks phill
  14. Phil Johns

    2007 Fiat Doblo LPG

    Hi Fiat Doblo 2007 1.4 LPG & petrol extremely economic even at todays prices MA plated mileage: 58km VGC silver Price 18000TL Location Didim Please PM for further info
  15. Housemartins


    Well we are now 12 days into the process and we are still not finsihed. think we might get everything done by the end of this week... read on for more info: LPG Test: went to Fethiye 12 days ago to get the garage to check the car before joining the queue on Tuesday Market Car Park, find out...
  16. B

    LPG Car Hire

    With Petrol prices so high in Turkey does anyone know of any car hire companies that operate from Dalaman who hire cars that run on LPG. Most fuel stations supply LPG and it is a cleaner and much cheaper fuel. Our car in the UK runs on LPG and we only pay between 40p and 50p a litre with no...
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