1. Freedom 49

    Permanent Loving Home Needed

    This little man will be in need of a loving 'Forever Home' an another week's time He was brought into me by a young Dutch couple last Wednesday in a very pitiful state. His left eye was totally destroyed and virtually out of its socket and the other was stuck tightly closed with gunk. Off to...
  2. B

    Loving Home wanted Cocker Spaniels

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are looking for a permanent home for our Mother and Son Cocker Spaniels. Please private message me for more details. Both dogs would be fine separated. They are good natured and very loving.
  3. suzyq

    5 Kangals Pups Need Loving Homes

    5 Kangal Pups Need Loving Homes My friends Kangal has recently had 13 pups. 8 of the pups have been reserved and some of those 8 went to new homes this week, the rest will go over the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, there are still 5 pups, 1 male and 4 female looking for a loving...
  4. paddington bear

    Patch needs a loving home

    This dog whom we have named Patch appeared by our house recently. As I already have 1 dog and 5 cats I can't adopt him. Of course we have fallen soft and are feeding him. He is a lovely dog and appears to have some Staffy in him. Is there anyone in the Side area who could find it in their...
  5. M

    Beautiful little puppy looking for a loving home

    This tiny little dog is desperate to find her forever home. Missy is 5 months old , she is the perfect size if you live in an apartment , she is only going to be a very small dog .Missy is a typical lap dog loves cuddles but also loves going out for walks and to play Please could someone find it...
  6. J

    8-year-old male cat requires loving home

    I am posting this on behalf of Terry in Gümbet, Bodrum, who urgently needs to rehome this beautiful black and white, easy-going, neutered male cat. Call him for details on: 0535-224-9015 Unfortunately I could not post the photo he sent here (over limit PDF file I could not manage to convert)...
  7. scotssteve

    Help loving home required

    And yet again A turkish man who I thought I knew quite well, has had a beautiful golden retrever bitch for two years and the miserable sod has just dissappeared to the UK leaving her pregnant and on the streets!!!!! She has a fantastic nature and just wants to be loved Anyone...
  8. paddington bear

    We need loving homes

    I am posting pictures of a few of the puppies which are at the Manavgat dogs home and who would love to be part of someones life. All the dogs there are very friendly and if someone would like to adopt a dog, or know of someone who is wanting a new friend, please pm me. There are, of course...
  9. M

    Newbie loving this forum!

    Hi everyone, it was such a joy to find this forum. Me and my husband (and 3 young sons) are currently owners of a caravan on a lovely holiday park in Essex. Owners for 10 years we've loved every min, but boy have I missed going abroad!! Now my youngest has turned 4, we've booked to go Majorca in...
  10. edeller

    Gorgeous loving rescued dog needs a home

    Followed some people up from Gumusluk village and ended up on my sitesi. She continues to hang around looking for someone to take her in. I had her neutered and has been flea treated, bathed and when I left her 2 weeks ago she was in great health and with nice clean ears. A really nice...
  11. arrian

    Loving tribute

    to his late wife. so beautiful, and such a wonderful thought. A real labour of love: Devoted farmer creates heart-shaped meadow by planting thousands of oak trees in tribute to his late wife | Mail Online
  12. Lillylilly

    Loving it here in Hisoranu

    Well we ve been here a week and absolutely love this area:) and have decided that if we can find a six month rental will come back BUT we cant find one at the right price (turkish price). :) Have been walking all over the place and could find one in Fetiye but like Hisoranu or Ovacik the best -...
  13. R

    Loving home wanted for Max

    Hi please could you spare the tıme to look at the thread 'Stepmum and Stepdad needed, under pets for adoptıon. Unfortunately due to health reasons I have to return to Brıtain by August. This will be a permanent move and I am desperate to fınd a loving home for my dog. Unfortunately I cannot...
  14. Helenm150

    Loving BT Openzone

    If anyone normally based in Turkey comes back to the UK for a visit and requires a temporary internet connection you can do so via BT Openzone. I just came across it accidently when scanning available networks in my area. It is a pay as you go set up - I signed up for 5 days at £15 - so far so...
  15. S

    urgently need loving new home for my cat :(

    Sunny is an 18month old white and tabby female cat, she has a beautiful personality. she has been fully inoculated, speyed and wormed. it is breaking my heart to have to re home her as she is like my actual baby! but have found out i am pregnant so have to return to the UK asap. she will be a...
  16. M

    Little dog looking for kind loving home.

    We knocked over a little dog a week ago . Took her to the vets straight away . she needed surgery as she had a broken leg. Went to see her owner who said don't waste your money. we kept her for a couple of days before her next visit to the vet. She needed another op. Went to see the owner who...
  17. luckycat68

    5 kittens needing loving homes

    I have 5 kittens that we are looking after in the garden of our restaurant, their Mum bought them to us at the end of July , they must be about 10 weeks or so old now -- they are ab fab and so very friendly The problem is they are getting to rely on me so much and when we close I dont know...
  18. northpole

    A loving Dog need new home - Bulgaria

    This Beautiful dog was the owner of the house l bought and the family had no interest in the dog.So we took him on to give him a chance in life. Another family took him on and called him wolfy.He had the love he needed and we didn't see him for a couple of months until the parents had to go to...
  19. J

    Small terrier lost/abandoned in Bodrum area urgently needs loving home

    This small grey-white female terrier was found nearly 3 weeks ago with very dirty, dreadfully matted fur. The people who rescued her from the side of a busy country road had her shaved, vaccinated and wormed. She is 3-4 years old, healthy, house-trained and weighs about 7 kg. Would love to...
  20. Suzszm

    Our dog needs a loving home ASAP

    We are looking for a loving home for our dog "Mini." We are expats living in Turkey but have been called back to North America for emergency business and cannot take her with us due to custom rules, and this breaks our hearts. She has become such an important piece to our family, we owe it to...
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