1. mollag

    Illegal Animal lovers?

    This is from Hurriyet today The campaign, which started Aug. 15, argued that animal abuse should be reclassified as a criminal offense rather than a misdemeanor. Under current Animal Law No. 5199, which falls under the Law on Misdemeanors, a person who abuses or rapes a stray animal receives a...
  2. N

    Please help Hector get to his new life

    Hector didnt have a name, he had no home, in fact he had nothing !! Like many others he was simply just another Turkish street dog... that was until Debbie and her family found him . Now they want to bring him home to the UK . Will you help them ? You can read their story here : ChipIn...
  3. geordie_nev

    Lovers of Datca

    I noticed this book on the Mavi Boncuk blog which is usually quite insightful and thought the Datca members might find it interesting. The Lovers: A Novel (9780060828394): Vendela Vida: Books
  4. rosewall1

    wanted animal lovers in Torba

    Since we came out to live permanently in Turkey 6 years ago we have noticed many changes but what is heartening is the way that looking after the animals has changed. Events, book sales, auctions etc are being held all over the peninsula for the betterment of the animals here. I would really...
  5. shirleyanntr

    links for book lovers

    here are links to two great sites for book lovers...i found them in Burgomeisters forum ..which is also good for discussing books or reading reviews. LibraryThing | Catalog your books online Great Books Lists: Lists of Classics, Eastern and Western
  6. Andy

    For all you Animal lovers out there

    Sorry again if the members in Turkey can't view it. YouTube - funny collection of dogs, cats and kids sleeping
  7. mollag

    Animal lovers? illegal?

    They must do things different in Turkey cos where i come from if you admit to being an Animal lover---well, they would just poke you into jail. I know of a chap of my aquaintance who recieved 6 months for being an animal lover, in this instance he was bonking a goat, not a huge sentance when...
  8. KKOB

    For Cat Lovers

    How To Organise Your Cats– Dog Stories & Cat Stories :wink:
  9. B

    Calling all yalikavak animal lovers

    7pm, Friday 11th December, Yalıkavak Belediyesi Cafe. The newly formed Animal Welfare Group is meeting on Friday to meet new volunteers. Please come along if you can help in any of the following ways. CAN YOU HELP IDENTIFY ANIMALS THAT NEED NEUTERING? If you have unneutered street animals, let...
  10. E

    Recommended novel for Turkey lovers

    I have just finished reading "Birds without Wings" by Louis de Bernieres. Louis de Bernieres previously became famous with his novel Captain Corelli's mandolin, of which a film was also made. The story described in this novel takes place in South West Turkey at the beginning of the twentieth...
  11. stevecarol

    Best Lovers

    In a tabloid paper today it says that its official British lovers are the best and bottom of the list comes the Turks. How funny is that:77wu:
  12. KKOB

    For Pet Lovers Everywhere

    Animal Humour
  13. T

    Snake lovers and Karaoke competition

    THE TEMPO RESTAURANT SATURDAY 30TH MAY FROM 22.30 Belly Dancer and Snake Show followed by Karaoke Competition. Chinese Set Menu Prawn Crackers Any Chinese Chicken dish Egg Fried rice For only £8.90 (21 tl) Special 20% discount on Main Meal(not set menu) for TLF members. FOR A FUN NIGHT WITH...
  14. sandpearse

    Opera Lovers!

    A Night at the Opera (or two) in Aspendos- Aida and Tosca.‏ A friend has organised the above trip from Bodrum to the Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival (near Antalya) and have a few tickets left, sounds like a good deal! Basic details are: Friday 12 & Saturday 13 June (2 days, overnight stay)...
  15. B

    rugby lovers

    hi all, just to let all the rugby lovers living near kusadasi know of the annual rugby tournament due to start soon. it starts this tuesday the 12th at adakule hotel 5:00pm. the agenda is 12 may tuesday 7 aside fixtures 14th may thursday 15 a side fixtures 15th may at love beach - beach rugby...
  16. shirleyanntr

    some words for lovers for Valentines Day

    Words for Valentines Day..its get in the mood .. Sevgililer Günü..since St. Valentine isn’t known in Turkey and anyway was a Christian saint the name in Turkish for Feb.14th is Lover’s Day, and like everything else that can be a money spinner its growing in popularity every year...
  17. SuperBogs

    Parrot Lovers?

    Are there any parrot lovers here? People that own parrots or have an interest in them? I have an Orange Winged Amazon. Biker Bob
  18. shirleyanntr

    some words for animal lovers.

    İn the spirit of friendship and cooperation and for all you barking mad members who might need some help with barking and snapping in Turkish here's a little bit that hopefully might have you purring. :love: :438qr: First a little to start you off and hopefully you will then go and vent...
  19. T

    Any dog lovers out there?

    Our neighbours broke their unwritten rule about not taking in a street dog but could not stand by and watch this puppy being illtreated. They had her speyed and she has all her injections, but now needs a new loving home as they will return to the UK in October. She has a lovely temperament and...
  20. Andy

    Cat Lovers

    A PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR PICKY PET Do you worry about your cat? Do you fear your furry friend is getting bored? If so, your worries are over, all thanks to Nohl Rosen, a fellow feline fancier. And, best of all, you may give your cat this pleasure it deserves simply by "tuning" your computer to...
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