1. bickern

    Hopefully the terrorist lovers days are numbered.

    Well, the lies and the patter Corbyn supporters have been spouting to shore the terrorist lover up might eventually unravel and his position may eventually become untenable. Diane Abbott, the racist England hater needs a size ten shortly after, and just to make my year, John McDonnell as well...
  2. D

    Fethiye Lovers airport transfer.

    I've been using Fethiye Lovers for nearly three years, every time I've been there (about 10 times). Never had any problems, always prompt, and the drivers are helpful, if not exactly talkative. I've also hired a car, and met Arthur a number of times, and considered him a really decent bloke...
  3. juco

    For horse lovers.

    I never heard about this until now and as one poster commented ..when the music starts. beautiful. Video clip at bottom of page.
  4. bickern

    For all bird lovers (flying kind) - Love it

    For all bird lovers (flying kind).
  5. Freedom 49

    For Animal Lovers Everywhere.

    Must admit, the babes are quite cute as well. :)
  6. MiddleEarth

    Post-Literacy and Lovers?

    Post-Literacy has arrived with younger generations. It affects us all. Folks today tend to gloss over a headline in a web page, an online or paper news article and tend not to read carefully or fully. They are especially unwilling to read books unless required by an employer. Fiction and...
  7. J

    Attention Pet Lovers!!

    ATTENTION ANIMAL LOVERS IN ALANYA - we have a new Mayor!! We want to get him on our side to help us with the issue of the stray dogs in Alanya. But it is better if we have a lot of support...they take more notice of us. We would like to invite as many of you as possible to a meeting to discuss...
  8. beyazbayan

    Beware spurned lovers

    'Vindictive' pensioner torched his neighbour's home after she ended their fling - and refused to pay him for mowing her lawn Malcolm Simpson, 68, (left) was jailed for seven years at Reading Crown Court for his 'wicked' campaign against Alison Biggs, setting fire to her house (right) in...
  9. Sally-Ann

    Something for the animal lovers :)

    I just saw this on FB and thought a few members here might appreciate it...The baby elephant made me cry :love: I just hope the link works!
  10. G

    Attention all animal lovers!

    a young chimp has been seen in alanya hotels doing photo oppurtunities WITH TOURISTS as you may know this is illegal.the chimp is fairly young with a chain around it,s neck if anyone see,s this chimp or know,s it,s where abouts contact Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre and report this animal...
  11. perfect1949

    for all you pet lovers

    tomorrow is the start of national pet week at migros ,were their pet food is greatly reduced .dave
  12. R

    Dog Lovers Everywhere - Something "New"

    Good morning or afternoon to all you dog lovers. I don’t know if you already know this but all around Europe, UK, Ireland etc people have been buying plastic bags or poop bags and picking up their dog’ s Poo as and when they do their business. It’s catching on everywhere and it’s good for all...
  13. irishgreeneyes

    dog lovers!

    hey everyone! im planning a trip to ireland and want to bring my 3 year old doberman with me as it will be a long stay ... at the moment im searching for a large dog crate that can be taking on a plane... im hoping not to spend too much as its costing so much to bring her already..any advice or...
  14. thingthong

    Cider lovers

    Reports back from Bodrum,are that some establishments are now selling cider? Can anyone confirm this or better still ,where and how much? T.
  15. pete-speleo

    one for dog lovers

    I recently saw on Turkish news that two people were killed, in seperate incidents, by street dogs here in Ankara. I think this happened last Thursday. My wife is now frightened if I go out walking on my own!
  16. lara

    For Cheese and Chocolate Lovers:)

    Philadelpha have just joined forces with Cadbury's and brought out a Chocolate Cream Cheese, a little bit of heaven in a tub. I don't eat either Chocolate or Cheese but will be trying this in a cheesecake for the Grandkids.
  17. bickern

    Even none doge lovers have to be amused at this.

    Even none dog lovers have to be amused at this. Just Brilliant how they did it. TWO DOGS DINING - YouTube I will watch it again later on
  18. peter the postie

    Reggae lovers... 4 CD's for a fiver

    Could'nt resist this offer from Some real classics that remind me of my youth club days on 4 CD's!! Home - (UK) - Free Delivery
  19. M

    Liver lovers

    For those of you that love eating liver, I was recommended to try a small restaurant in Alanya, and glad I did. It is one of those places that I would have usually walked past, but having been told it was good, I walked in. Between us we had liver shish and liver in butter. Both were excellent...
  20. giglets

    Good news for animal lovers.

    Metal bands prepare to rock Ankara for animal rights - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review Dave
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