1. Firefox

    Turkish Lover Dies

    It shows this poor Man had unconditional Love for his British Bride to be. He want all the Way. Turkish stowaway froze to death after sneaking into landing gear of BA plane | Daily Mail Online
  2. suzyq

    Turkish man burns lover to death after dispute

    Absolutely tragic. A young woman has allegedly been burned to death by her boyfriend in the southern province of Antalya after a dispute, during which he doused his girlfriend with a can of petrol and set her on fire. The incident happened on the highway in Antalya’s Döşemealtı district on...
  3. I

    Irish music lover!

    My bird loves Irish music as much as I do:) Nothing makes him sing and jig about on his perch as much as Boys of the Lough and the strains of Riverdance! He's the Michael Flatley of the bird world!
  4. pineapple1

    Lover Dies in Chimney !!!!

    Its a sad tale of love gone wrong !! A Woman's Body Is Found Wedged Inside A Chimney At Her Lover's Home In California, US | World News | Sky News Diane
  5. S

    Pretty villa looking for cat lover

    I still have a pretty three bedroomed villa to rent in Turgutreis to an animal lover, on specially agreed terms, as the person who agreed to rent it from the end of this week, today decided to return to England. I am at the moment in Turgutreis but will be leaving THIS THURSDAY 22nd October...
  6. ceemac

    Animal Lover....

    It's okay to be an animal lover but this is stretching it somewhat :wow: C
  7. C

    altinkum lover

    hi everyone anyone online my name is oliver, im 23 and got an apartment near appolos temple. Im thinking of moving to turkey in july anyone got any tips thanx oli : :bash:
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