Love is in the air

    Great BJ... just hope he does not let her down !
  2. T

    Love SIDE

    We are coming to Side in October for a week because we love SIDE. Hope the coronavirus has not impacted to greatly on this holiday resort but next year it will be back to normal. See you soon SIDE.:9:
  3. Camden

    Love of Animals

    I couldn't find a thread to post this on, so started this one that could be used for various reasons animal related ...if need be
  4. Jaycey

    Gotta love squirrels!
  5. Jaycey

    A Love Story

    A guy gets goosed...
  6. bickern

    They love us really!

    Hundreds of people from France and Germany have filled in a survey and drawn up a list of some very, specific quirks that they just find repulsive. They came up with 20. So with a list that extensive, you would think they must be real gripes, things that would sicken you to your very core...
  7. A89

    Love from Manchester

    RAF crew write 'Love from Manchester' on Hellfire missile  | Daily Mail Online alison
  8. G

    Love with turkish girl

    I am Greek college student in Istanbul 19 years old.I have got a Turkish girlfriend who is 20 years old college student in Istanbul too.She is atheist(or agnostic) i am Orthodox christian.I want to learn what is the oponion of Turkish peoppe for relationships between Turkish-Greeks.
  9. S

    Love poem

    I want your hugs, and kisses, too I want to stare into your eyes and whisper a soothing I long for your eyes to be the light of mine I long for your eyes to stare into mine And brighten up like mine do when you are here Or over there….at the meeting place…. You are so pretty and you soothe my...
  10. S

    Who would you love to meet

    In a football magazine years ago they had a section where they asked -who in the world would you most like to meet What about you TLFers- If you had the chance who in the world would you most like to meet?
  11. S

    What do you think of my love poem for a childhood sweetheart?

    Shall I compare you to a fresh fruit that never spoils And never decay nor ever boil? To feed the hungry and bring shivers of memory? To stay pure and chaste until marriage eternity? A garden spring of jasmine, and innocent memories A river of freshness, the first love I have seen A...
  12. L

    Neighbourly Love

    Hello TLF members. I am hoping for some help and advice with an ongoing problem I have with my Turkish neighbours. I purchased a semi detached villa with shared swimming pool about 3 years ago in Dalyan. I love the house and especially Dalyan which I consider to be my second home. I originally...
  13. M

    love of archery

    Hello all I am American from colorado just moved here to kusadasi. Love it here. I speak turkish as well. Like to get together with some expats in the area. And also I love archery and i have brought my bow and arrows from usa for fun if anyone is interested in archery and or even learning...
  14. Freedom 49

    For those in Love.

    Hi, The sun's shining, almost Springtime and Valentines' Day just a week away. So, if you're around Side and fancy a card for your Loved One, just pop into my office as I have a choice of Hand made Cards to offer. Can't miss us, 2 bookshelves outside with a good choice of books all year round...
  15. bickern

    'I love you... but you owe me $127,000'

    I wonder if this lad got a big insurance payout when his mother died. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- A New York woman is suing her 12-year-old nephew who accidentally broke her wrist while greeting her at his eighth birthday party. Jennifer Connell...
  16. bickern

    For all bird lovers (flying kind) - Love it

    For all bird lovers (flying kind).
  17. yalimart

    Cats, don't you just love them Nice pussy ! Martin
  18. bal canavar

    'Love from Turkey'

    49 beautiful photos of 'Love from Turkey'
  19. Spurs

    Love is in the air.

    Groom is taken ill, so the bride to be picks someone else. That's some takeaway :-) BBC News - Angry Indian bride marries wedding guest
  20. Freedom 49

    Love Darts.

    I love darts, TV coverage is always good. Crowds at The Lakeside always get well involved and add an element of fun to the Championships but this is unbelievable! :doh: Michael van Gerwen beats Simon Whitlock after crowd trouble disrupts Invitational Darts Tournament final in Melbourne |...
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