1. yalimart

    Lotto winner

    Last nights euro millions was won by a uk ticket holder £71 million, now I did put £10 on last nights draw, I don't usually bother so I hope whoever won enjoys spending my money. When the uk lotto first came out I was in a couple of syndicates at work an had my own regular numbers, I was...
  2. C

    Irish lotto

    i think i,ve worked out why the high numbers in the irish lotto come out more often then the low numbers. its been prooven that most people that play lotto, pick numbers from 1 -10 first, then 11 - 20 are the next most popular, then 21 - 30, the higher the number the less likely they are to...
  3. C

    irish lotto

    has anybody noticed how the high numbers come up far more often then the low numbers. most people pick low numbers - house numbers, age of children lucky number etc therefore less likely to be a winner the pot builds up. dont think im ever going to be rich!
  4. C


    on sept 21 the same 6 numbers emerged from the drum as 3 weeks before defying odds of 4 trillion - to 1 ! the numbers drawn were 36 33 32 26 14 and 13. there were 3 winners. now somebody might explain why the high numbers come out far more often then the low numbers in ireland! i might try the...
  5. Andy

    Lotto Ticket

    Lottery Ticket A guy comes home after losing a lot of money, playing golf. A few minutes later his wife comes home from work with a new fur coat. Her husband says "Hey how did you get this?" She says that her boss won the lotto and this is her share. This happens a few times, first the coat...
  6. merlin

    Lotto - yep Turkey has the bug....

    As in the rest of Europe, playing the lottery is a favourite pastime among Turks. All Lotteries are run under the monopoly of the State and there is no restrictions on foreigners playing or collecting their winnings (providing they have a current visa). The favorite lottery is Sayisal Loto...
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