1. immac

    TR Lottery Scratch Cards

    Is there a site that shows which scratch cards are sold in Turkey, prizes and how they are played? Ian
  2. L

    The national lottery web site access.

    I am with Talk Talk as my internet provider,4 years now,and have never had a problem and found them better than my previous provider BT and Sky.Recently say for the last couple of months I haven't been able to log into the National lottery web site,this being the only web site I can't access,I...
  3. Billy Joe

    The missing lottery winner.

    A class act,one of many trying to claim the £33m lottery win. They should have been born in the time of the Roman Empire times and claimed to be Spartacus. Susanne Hinte's battered £33million Lotto ticket with no date pictured | Daily Mail Online
  4. beyazbayan

    National lottery - whose nation?

    National Lottery owner Camelot sold to Canada teachers All profits now go to Canada yet another sell out.
  5. Freedom 49

    U.K. National Lottery Win? Sounds dodgy.

    Has anyone had notification of their e.mail address being a major winner in the U.K. national Lottery? I've had one this morning. If it were true, it would be brilliant :) but the logical part of my brain tells me it has to be a scam. What would you do? Respond, or just cancel it out and get...
  6. martin m

    "spin" the lottery

    Hi I recently heard the news that the lottery is about to change in October, the number of balls in the pot will increase from 49 to 59, this means that the odds of winning the standard draw jackpot will increase from 14 million to 1, to over 45 million to 1, but not to worry because if you get...
  7. bickern

    UK lottery

    I have been asked this question and to be honest I haven't got a clue. Using a VPN to buy tickets online would probably work, but if you subsequently won big money would you need to prove you were resident in the UK when you bought the tickets?
  8. Firefox

    Turkish Lottery winner

    How odd is it to have a Turkish Lottery winer in England?
  9. S

    Psychic lottery winner???
  10. P

    Lottery up to £2

    The lottery is going up to £2 will you still play. Lottery ticket price doubles to £2 in 'tax on the poor' | Mail Online
  11. immac

    Lottery Win - Where?

    I have had two winning tickets on Milli Piyango - total 120tl. Where do I collect? Is it from the retailer (Kipa)? Ian
  12. L

    Help to win lottery

    While I,m sitting in the conservatory waiting for it stop raining so I can clear out my shed I had a thought how to win the lottery with the help of tlf. All you have to do is reply to this stating how many days left till you go to turkey and the first 6 replies up to the number 49 will be my...
  13. altinkum kev

    New year lottery

    Anyone know how to claim winnings for the milli piyango 31 December draw ,is it as the weekly draw done at the lotto shops. have 2 nice prizes to collect (more beer tokens).
  14. C

    I won the lottery

    Yippee i won the lottery , don't get too excited it was only tenna , yep a tenna , 3 numbers and the bonus ball , dont get any thing for the bonus .... We sat and talked and said what would we do if we wone millions , oh god said the first thing i'd want to do is find as many people that have...
  15. newhorizon

    If you won the lottery would you go public?

    Reading a recent news snippet, regarding how winning the lottery (a large sum) can significantly change matters depending on whether you go public or stay anonymous. Back in July a couple from Ayrshire won £161 million and decided to go public. A quote from the article: A spokesman from...
  16. teosgirl

    Better odds than winning the lottery?

    BBC News - Nasa refines satellite crash time Scary, should they be forced to act more responsibly with space junk/waste? As Brits we're forced to recycle and take care of our trash, but it seems the space agency are free to take calculated risks with human life during the disposal of space...
  17. altinkum kev

    Turkish lottery

    Went to get my weekly lottery ticket today and have last weeks checked ,and found i had won 2185.10 tl cant believe how many wins i have had here , never won anything on UK lottery apart from odd tenner
  18. C

    lottery win

    well did i get a shock thought i had 4 numbers on last weeks lottery 24 lire but when i went to the shop i had 5 numbers 3400 lire. never had my glasses on. cant believe it. :24:
  19. immac

    Turkish Lottery

    I have bought tickets for the Yılbaşı Özel Çekilişi (end of year) lottery, but not quite sure what I have ended up with. At the sales point I was offered quarter or half tickets. I was expecting to pay 32TL per ticket and bought two (half, 16TL) Yarım Bilet tickets in my confusion. Does this...
  20. gerald

    New UK Lottery Rule

    This new rule might be of interest to some people: The National Lottery Changes to our Terms and Conditions and Rules Please note that from 13th December 2010 we will be making some changes to our Terms and Conditions and Rules. Summary of upcoming changes: As well as being a UK or Isle of...
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