1. L

    Lots of English reading books I want to give to an expat Bodrum

    Hi All, Over time I have accumulated a lot of books, easy read womens, and also lots of biographies (sports people etc). Too good to throw away. Anyone interested in having some? Free, would just need to meet to give to in Bodrum merkez area only.
  2. H

    Lots of birthdays today !

    A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all (all of 'em much younger than me !)
  3. M

    LOTS of Question about residency permit etc

    Good Morning All, Hope this finds you all well i have a couple of question, trying to get all this information together before October 2015, i am hoping a few of you can help me. Tax Number Does anybody have the address that i have to attend to claim the tax number needed to open a bank...
  4. G

    Property Loss for lots of families in Altinkum

    Well after fighting for 10 years to get our title deeds and an extra approx £20k in the process of trying to do this, we have been informed by our solicitor that the landowners are selling our apartment in Altinkum :boohoo:. This has happend to18 English families on our complex although at...
  5. P

    Lots of P.C. speak for 2012 Olympics.

    London 2012 Olympics: Bikinis, beach burkas and bird flu | Mail Online Plenty of nice little earners.
  6. S

    Moving back, Lots to sell!

    Hello everyone. I have been living in Turkey for over 7 years, 5 years in Ankara, and over 2 years in Bodrum. I am not very happy here anymore, and keep missing amazing career offers back in the UK so time to move on. I have lots of items I want to sell, and fast, so if you are in or around...
  7. E

    FOR SALE lots

    Hi i have had a big clear out and have the following foe SALE boys clothes age 1-2-3 years levi,next,adidas,nike all top brands and some brand new nike trainer size 7 Girls clothes and shoes some new age 6-7-8 years again good brands few ladies size 12-14 and adidas trainers like new size 5 or...
  8. arrian

    Lots of birthdays today

    i see that there are quite a few with birthdays today, so let me be the first to wish them all Happy Birthday!! hope you all have a good day.
  9. P

    Making lots of money!

    Should there be a cap on the amount of money an individual can earn, or companies for that matter? Question inspired by this TV program; BBC iPlayer - Watch - BBC Two England Ive updated the link as the BBC changed it since I posted this.
  10. Andy

    Lots Of Birthdays Today

    A very Happy Birthday To. Friar tuck (61) Damon (59) SHINY (56) CDKabUnmalm (48) Crawley Karen (44) sunny day (25) And finally Brit_Chick (24) Hope you all have a great day, enjoy yourselves Best Wishes:52::52::52:
  11. T

    Bosch Pressure Washer..and Lots

    Bosch Pressure Washer Good Condİtİon, Also Small Generator, Swİmmİng Pool Pump,washİng Machİne,tumble Dryer,computer Desk, Wall Unİts,GAS FİRE AND BOTTLE Lots Of Other İtems For Sale Just Call İ Could Have Somethİng You Need. 009 05386798348
  12. TurkeyPropertyCentre

    Lots of emails from the UK........

    Exhibition in London must have been good! We have received over 120 emails in 3 days!!!! We have only had time to answer 75. Mustaq you must do something good for Turkey. A big thank you!
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