1. Miss Money Penny

    Ok, you lot please HELP!

    :der: How do you clean under storage beds? They are so close to the floor nothing will fit under them ( apart from dust bunnies & spiders) it's fairly easy to move the single ones but the King size bed is almost impossible to move I even brought a wet wipe mop from the uk but it won't fit under...
  2. Tonya

    Do you do a lot of online shopping?

    I searched for this but nothing came up so apologies if you know about it already. Go to this website www.quidco.com. You register for a free account and everytime you buy something online, you go to that website via a link on Quidco. This then earns you the commission that Quidco get. You have...
  3. B

    what a great lot

    hi i just want to thank you all for our surprise ruby wedding party .What a smashing lot you are .We had a great night . thanks again xxxxxx sandra&bruce :pressie:
  4. P

    AKBUK lot a funny lot lol

    Hi Well was going to move to Akbuk but people there are a hell of a weird funny bunch !! Most have no sense of humour , Get all high and mighty and read lengthy books on Pronunciations and important matters like using LOL !! Is the water different in Akbuk ? Do they have some kind of high...
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