1. H

    a heck of a lot of birthdays today

    Wishing you all a very happy birthday. Hilary x
  2. bickern

    A lot more than meets the eye

    Worth watching until the end.
  3. Sunny Seasider

    To be Thankful for our lot

    We are just off to our village Cenotaph Service, I am not a religious person, but this service always makes me feel so thankful for all those who have fought and lost their lives. A very thought provoking day, to stop a while in these busy lives we lead, think of others, and pay my respects.
  4. Jaycey

    That’s a lot!

    Just how far is 47 billion light years? And 100 billion galaxies? Hubble Ultra Deep Field 3D Strewth!
  5. christella

    this can be a lot of fun

    Lufthansa to Europe: Virtual Pilot!
  6. mollag

    A soldiers lot

    Is not a happy one, whether he be Prince or subject he signs up with the sure and certain knowledge that he / she may be expected to kill someone, or indeed be killed themselves. They may not consider the politics involved, that is for others, they are there to carry out legitimate orders. Capn...

    Cop this lot

    Its not uncommon for some TLF members to criticise 34 drivers on the coast, but spare a thought for the poor citizens of Bulgaria who have this lot to put up with. Bulgarians take to Facebook to lambast bad, lazy, dangerous cops (PHOTOS) — RT
  8. D

    Life in Turkey? are you bored,discontent or happy with your lot here?

    İ was just wondering how people actually feel about their decision to live full time in Turkey? İn general i am happy but i lack the company of my fellow countrymen. İn my world i am completely surrounded by Turks and sometimes i wish i could just go down the pub with a Brit and waffle on about...

    not a lot going for me!!!!

    Just sitting thinking today about myself!!!!!! Went to the dentist on tuesday with toothache, had to get a filling. Well, that's my teeth. :32: I've got a re- call at the breast clinic on tuesday coming. Well that's my boobs. {i was there for a mammogram 2 weeks ago} Tomorrow i've got an...
  10. D

    Seems a lot of triplexes??

    As i get details of homes i have noticed a high percentage of triplexes with floor areas of about 100 to 120 metres.-i am not a fan of triplexes because i can the problems of stairs and living in roof areas in such a climate and do they feel cramped with such meterage?
  11. bobthenob

    My Dog Wee's A Lot

    My dog has been peeing uncontrollably.Where ever she goes,l see a trial of wee ,and where she lays is a puddle of wee.l am concerned about her behaviour. She drinks a lot of water as well. This has been going on for some time now. Does anyone knows what is causing this.And is there any cure...
  12. shirleyanntr

    İ'm jealous of you lot over 'there'

    well not really..but i am jealous that you seem to have some great newspapers such as Voices' and there does seem more of a community feel to sharing information...'over there'..aka Ege/Aegean tarafta Dont misunderstand me i have no wish to be in a British enclave as seems to be the case 'over...
  13. arrian

    doesn't this say a lot!!!

    ditch the slang...... http://http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1317474/School-STAFF-English-lessons-bad-slang-habits-dont-hamper-pupils.html i know the link isn't working, it seems i've been away so llong i've forgotten how to do it lol!! anyone care to remind me please??! thanks
  14. martin m

    Now listen you lot

    HELLO Glad ive got your attention, now can we stop being so childish, people are putting silly post like,"5sleeps", "7days to wait" "not be long now", lord above its only a blooming holiday, grow up. regards martin 180 hours 9 mins lol lol lol yippee!!!! cant believe im 51 ha ha
  15. arrian

    kill the lot.....!!!!

    why do we keep these vile scum alive??? why can't we send them to the concentration camps or similar and get rid of this evil scum!!!!! surely there is something to be done???? Child porn ring smashed after paedophile Michael Fraser left phone on Newcastle bus | Mail Online
  16. Mushtaq

    lot of MSN spam?

    I have noticed a lot of people with names I don't recognise asking me to add them to my MSN, all of them don't have anything on their profile, so I refuse and report them as spammers. I wonder if this could be because I have my MSN ID in my profile and some spammers are registering on the forum...
  17. ceemac

    Happy With Your Lot?

    Just thought it might be interesting to see how people feel about their properties in Turkey now, or how ex-pats are enjoying life there or otherwise. I bought almost 5 years ago now, and after a couple of years being arsed about by the company I bought through, things have settled down a bit...
  18. Trevor

    hello again you lot

    well i havent been active on this forum for a loonngg time but i have been reading and enjoying it again - i cant do apple crumble though lol! thought i would reintroduce myself, my names lesley aka trevor - i am married to jai and we moved to altinkum just over a year ago, its been a year of...
  19. bobthenob

    Moan A Lot Men

    A new version from the Grumpy old men..called moan a lot men I thought l’ll start of a thread for something to moan about in life. When l’m tapping away on my computer about some story l cooked up and it has taken about an hour to work it out.l feel contented when it has almost reached the end...
  20. shirleyanntr

    little things means a lot

    Heres a thread about some of those little words that can be confusing. How and where to use them..and most importantly ..how to say them. Last week we were having a meal up in the mountains..super place..and one of the girls asked for weak tea…but the way she said it was indistinct. She said...
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