1. Camden

    Children lost in the English Channel

    It was only a matter of time till we had our own Tragedy, that we saw unravel on the beaches of Turkey two children 5, and 8 are dead today in the Channel ..... Our Government Priti Patel and the French should putting effort into rounding up these Traffickers from both sides of the...
  2. K

    Memories of a lost life.

    We forget how much change there is for migrants and refugees who have to start afresh in a different country, with a new language and new customs. This poem was written by a Syrian girl when she was just 14 and only recently arrived in the UK. Her English teacher has posted it on twitter in...
  3. Tenpin

    QuadrigaCX - $190 Million in Crypto Possibly Lost

    An interesting article for anyone thinking of investing in crypto currency: https://ethereumworldnews.com/190-million-in-crypto-possibly-lost-at-canadas-quadrigacx-bitcoin-btc-exchange/
  4. G

    Lost parcel

    My daughter sent a Valentine's parce,from England l to her husband in turkey (Corlu). She paid for it to be tracked. It's saying it's in Istanbul but hasn't moved since the 7th Feb. Any advice please.:angry:
  5. R

    Lost Tapu

    Hi we are hoping to sell a 2 bed apartment in mahmutlar but unfortunately have misplaced the tapu. How hard is it to replace the tapu keeping in mind there are two people on the tapu and now one of them have passed away. Any information would be very helpful.
  6. S

    Lost Fox

    Does my old mate Firefox never come on TLF anymore?
  7. suzyq

    George Osborne Lost Vote On Tax Cuts

    George Osborne was left reeling tonight after peers dramatically threw out the government's planned tax credits cuts - overturning the views of elected MPs. The House of Lords voted 289 to 272 delay the changes for three years until measures could be introduced to protect poor families. The...
  8. Neil_Denizli

    Lost Cat

    Our cat Josie has been missing for about a week ... while we fear the worst, I am still hopeful she may have just been startled / panicked and is just plain lost. She was last with us in Bodrum, near Askeri Kampi / Sole Hotel / PanPan Bakery, a few minutes up the hill from the Marina - near...
  9. D

    Have you lost this dog? Akbuk.

    1 year old (approx.) female, Jack Russell type breed. It has been around our house since New Years day, very friendly so we think it has been a pet to someone. We are in the area up the hill from Tansas supermarket and Kent taxi's.
  10. bal canavar

    Antalya 3 tourists students lost

    3 foreign students lost in Antalya Antalya Kemer three tourists were lost trekking Lycian Way . Teams were mobilized in order to find the tourists. Lost one British and two Dutch tourists, are students from Bogazici University student exchange programs Antalya Security Directorate have used...
  11. T

    Turkish landmine kills a child and another child lost their legs

    This is so sad one boy lost his life and his brother has lost his legs whilst trying to run away from ISIS. Syrians fleeing war maimed by landmines - Middle East - Al Jazeera English Turkey signed an agreement in 2003 stating they will remove land mines or at least fence of and put signs up...
  12. Spurs

    Have they lost someone?

    Just a thought but has the UK Government lost someone? The terror warnings seem to be coming thick & fast & the laws/security is tightening up considerably. I never heard anymore about the guy who "changed his identity" in a mosque, did they ever catch him? BBC News - Terrorism laws: 'Time is...
  13. bal canavar

    More Freedom Lost in Turkey

    More fresh blows to Freedom in Turkey the new draconian media measures bill which include the clause to "close businesses in protest" Then to hear that Dogan holdings may sell thier media companies. denied at the moment . But it is obvious they can see what is coming , the writing on the...
  14. bal canavar

    Musicians ,Film directors , Author/journalist Freedoms lost

    If you want to present you Art , write your views in Today's Turkey ,it must be in line with the AKP thinking ,or your Art can be banned you can be attacked or charges brought against you . This musicians work is banned:27: Faz?l Say: I'm unable to present my art in my country This director...
  15. G

    Lost Tax Number

    Hi I have a friend who has lost her tax number. Can this be checked on line or will she have to visit tax office? Thanks for any advice given.
  16. beyazbayan

    Lost Generation?

    Revealed: The British jihadist who swapped boozing for terror and the schoolboy charity fundraisers who are waging war for ISIS Read more: British jihadist who swapped boozing and football for terror | Mail Online What are they looking for it seems they are lost and looking for a cause.
  17. S

    Lost your cat, look next door

  18. C

    Laptop's lost WiFi connection

    Help! I turned on my laptop today to find it would not connect to my wifi. Nothing wrong with the router as we are running ipads off it with no problems. I used an ethernet cable so I could go on line and check if I needed updates to the wlan card driver but all up to date. I also ran a...
  19. C

    Lost woman searches for herself

    Back in 2012 a bus tour in Iceland were touring the Eldgja canyon region. On one of the stops a lady went into the toilets to freshen up, after changing her clothes, she returned to the party where shortly after she joined in with the other tourists searching for a missing woman. After 3...
  20. V

    Lost Dog

    If anyone in the Dalyan or Okcular area has lost a beautiful black and brown male sheepdog type dog I know a family who have rescued it from the fields and tracks behind the old Yesil Dalyan bakery in Okcular leading towards Eskikoy. I am hoping he was not dumped as a lady on a bicycle was seen...
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