1. bickern

    The Sun records a loss of £68m

    The Sun recorded a loss of £68m last year amid falling print sales and the enormous cost of phone-hacking claims against its parent company from figures including Sir Elton John and Heather Mills. Rupert Murdoch’s News Group Newspapers, which publishes the Sun and retains liability for the...

    Exchange Loss on House Sale

    A friend from home has just had an offer of several million TL for his house in Bodrum. Unfortunately due to illness he will not be able to come out for 3 weeks ,and he is very concerned that he could lose a considerable amount in exchange losses before he can get out here to close the deal...
  3. S

    Sad loss

    Sad loss of a very talented man Peter Sallis: Wallace and Gromit actor dies aged 96 - BBC News
  4. suzyq

    Turkish Airlines reports TL 410 mln net loss for 2015

    Turkey's national flag carrier Turkish Airlines (THY) posted a net loss of TL 410 million in 2015, the company's provisional tax declaration has revealed. The declaration, sent by THY to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) on Monday, showed that the company recorded a net loss of nearly half a...
  5. G

    Property Loss for lots of families in Altinkum

    Well after fighting for 10 years to get our title deeds and an extra approx £20k in the process of trying to do this, we have been informed by our solicitor that the landowners are selling our apartment in Altinkum :boohoo:. This has happend to18 English families on our complex although at...
  6. E

    Overstay due to passport loss and health problems

    Dear All, If any one can advise what to do since I have lost my passport and all my family as well in the tram, I already have an appointment to get the permit to stay but without passport it is impossible and I have to go back to Libya to get a new passport, we all passed the 90 allowed...
  7. Andy

    New weight loss pill

    Will it really work ? read for yourself. Eye On Health - Green Coffee Burns Fat
  8. S

    Tragic loss

    In this day and age in supposedly modern Europe it's terrible such things occur http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-21041367
  9. scotssteve

    Sad loss - death of a member & friend

    Dont really know how to write this; but it appears that Neil (the chippy) who came from Perth to open the chipshop with his turkish wife Drita died last night. I dont know whether he fell or lept from the Guclu Spice Hotel last night, but the fact is that he is dead. Neil & Drita were a good...
  10. maggie

    Loss of ITV.

    Has anyone else with the Dream Box lost their ITV channels .?? I dont know if its just my supplier or is it a Turkey thing???Hugs Maggie xx
  11. B

    Transferring GBP into TL account, how much of a loss

    Hi All Wondering if some one can help. We need to transfer a balance of 66,950 TL. We have the money in a Barclays saving account here in UK. Have been told we cannot have Internet banking for our Turkish account until we set it up in person on our next visit. We do have a GBP & TL account in...
  12. S

    At a complete loss

    I dont log on a lot thesedays and keep posts mainly to the more serious issues affecting members. I am at a total loss therefore why someone called Dawny has left a nasty pm for me. I am a great believer- for better or worse - in being up front with such matters hence my raising this curious...
  13. M

    Great Loss

    I don't post often but some of you may recognize my name, for those who do, I lost my lovely Husband, Pete on Friday evening, it was very sudden and unexpected, nice way for him to go but a dreadful shock for me. Will have to gear myself up to come back to Turkey sometime in the near future and...
  14. S

    Residence application - loss of Blue Book

    Hi, I am a new member needing advice/info re applying for residency. We have a house in Koycegiz where we usually spend 5 or 6months each summer. If we apply for residency, it will save the hassle of "going out" after 3 months & also it is cheaper now than previously. Some 2 years ago we had...
  15. Mushtaq

    Sat nav failure could 'cause loss of life'

    UK 'dangerously dependent on GPS' (UKPA) – 6 hours ago The UK is already "dangerously dependent" on the GPS satellite navigation system, a report by engineers has claimed. Back-up systems are often inadequate, while equipment which can illegally jam systems is easily and cheaply available...
  16. shazyboy

    For Those Who Are Suffering From Hair Loss

    Gotta watch this folks from start to finish. I am victim of hair loss & im at the age of 32 with fine thin hair and my front hair line has considerably gone back from the sides. So what do you think guys..should i go for it??? (Hair replacment system). YouTube - Movie Hair System New Roots Joe's...
  17. bobthenob

    Memory Loss

    Memory loss to me is quite worrying.Before l enter the computer room to write a particular article on the forum.My mind goes blank to what l had in mind and l just sit there thinking and racking my single brain cell into gear of what was suppose to have been on my mind.ls it an age thing or is...
  18. S

    Tragic loss

    BBC News - Paul the World Cup octopus dies in his tank in Germany
  19. S

    Loss of Residency Book

    Hi has anyone got any idea what happens when you lose your residency book - my husband lost his wallet last night and unfortunately in it was the litte blue book - it was due for renewal in December but not sure what to do now - am sure there will be a cost involved but just don't know where to...
  20. arrian

    Weight loss chart!

    NAME ................ WEIGHT ........................ lbs LOST Arrian............................ 14 2 ..13 12 Nanamo..........................14 7 ..13 13 Pineapple........................12 0 ..11 08..... Sue Jones........................14 2....12 10 1/2...
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