1. T

    Is Side losing it's charm?

    Have been on holiday in Side since 1990 and the big businesses are taking over (affordable places to stay). This year we stayed at Sun City hotel/apartments and was not impressed. It appears that except for a very few places the charm is disappearing fast as money is more important than Turkish...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Are we losing control?

    Reading articles like this make me wonder. Moped criminals have been caught by police in London, only to threaten an officer with a knife, slash the wheels of his motorbike and escape. Moped suspects threaten police officer with knife, slash tyres and escape after being caught in London | The...
  3. D

    Dalyan losing its charm

    Am I the only one to wonder what is happening to the Yesil Dalyan we all loved? It is losing its charm now as has been uglified by orange traffic cones everywhere and neon lights on shop and restaurant fronts which make it all look so cheap, frenzied and tacky! Plus all the huge noisy coaches...
  4. Firefox

    Israeli Losing

    Israel has lost more Soldiers in the past 2 weeks then they have ever done in the Last 13 Years. These are Massive losses on the IDF side as 1= 1000 Arabs. So I ask this time next month Who will Win This Blood Bath? Hamass Freedom fighters or Zionists Mercenaries Gaza campaign on pace to...
  5. tykatem

    Islam, losing the PR war?

    Is the PR campaign to promote Islam as a path to peace, tolerance, fairness, wisdom, justice for all etc, now seen to be scoring a series of own goals? Listen, read or watch the news these days and all you find is a deluge of bloodbath type articles or blood thirsty/oppressive promouncements...
  6. niyaz

    Pound losing ground

    Lira is getting stronger everyday against pound sterling. This is not looking good for us. Well i am coming to Dalaman in May and i wonder if the pound sterling will hold it's ground and if not then less spending for me.
  7. james1873

    Losing the ability to feed your family

    Being the father of 3 grown ups and the Grandfather of 4 Grandchildren I totally appreciate the determination to place food on the table, especially at this time of year. My oldest son has just been made unemployed due to the recession in the building trade! I would though, being aware of that...
  8. Chris&Cem

    We are losing two nice guys

    Last week I was very sad to hear that Ken and Jim are no longer at Gonulcelen and are returning home to N. Ireland. The place won't be the same without them. I'm sure they will be sorely missed by many. Thanks guys for many happy times and lovely evenings - you were always very welcoming and...
  9. jaimie

    losing the plot!!!

    Hi everyone, just a quickie for all you good ppl out there to keep an eye on me as I seem to be losing the plot a bit lately. I posted a thread about UHI, without realising it had been done to death, now if I was 90 yrs old this wouldn't be such a problem; but as I'm only 49 (all right I know...
  10. saffie

    Britons face losing their holiday homes

    Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Brits face property loss over unpaid fees Wonder if people are aware that not paying their site fees can result in their holiday homes being sold to recover the debt?
  11. maggie

    Losing ones marbles.

    Is it me or all the threads of late are going down very silly paths.???? People in red silky numbers,Zuberdust wanting to be a Golden Girl,Ladies throwing themselves at Perry. Wotever happenned to the lost Tapus or people not having had militairy clearance.Houses being broken into and wot to...
  12. Miss Money Penny

    Losing weight

    I was just wondering has anyone managed to lose weight while living in Turkey? I was going to weight watchers back in the UK and had lost a stone, now I'm on an extended stay in Turkey and was hoping to lose another stone. I have seen a lite version of mayonnaise but wondered if low fat yogurt...
  13. M

    Losing the will to live on finding a flight for the next few weeks.

    :frown: Hello all, just cannot seem to find a flight from manchester or anywhere northern, to Bodrum returning in a 3 or 4 day period. I wish to go back over to see a potential property and get things moving, any ideas? Only need to be out there for 3 to 4 days tops, on weekdays, and staying in...
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