1. E

    How did 3 public banks lose 3.6 billion

    3.6 milyar TL zarar nas?l olu?tu? Just as you you thought your money was safe.
  2. bickern

    Kill the goose and you lose the golden eggs

    Stephen Rubin founded a massive sports and leisure group that now owns Berghaus, Ellesse, Mitre and Speedo, as well as part-owning JD Sports. Last year, he and his family, the biggest tax contributors in Britain, handed over £181.6 million in tax, which is £497,530 a day. They are, admittedly...
  3. bickern

    Paedophile avoided jail because he would lose his place at a top university.

    A paedophile who was previously jailed for having the UK’s worst collection of child abuse images was caught again but avoided jail after arguing he would lose his place at a top university. Six years ago Barry Shaw was jailed for two years after he fantasised about kidnapping toddler...
  4. Tenpin

    Voting With Their Cash, Investors Lose Faith in Erdogan Economy

    Interesting read: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-16/voting-with-their-cash-investors-lose-faith-in-erdogan-economy?utm_source=google&utm_medium=bd&utm_campaign=Pol&cmpId=GP.Pol
  5. E

    Tesco Bank: 20,000 customers lose money

    BBC: Tesco Bank, the lending arm of the UK's biggest grocer, halts online payments after money was stolen from 20K accounts. Tesco bank attack: What do we know?
  6. S

    How do you predict Erdogan will lose power?

    All politicians lose power eventually.....how do you predict that Erdogan will be outvoted? because right now, he is REALLY powerful.....my prediction is that the bad economy and growing PKK terrorism will cause either a) kemalists taking power, due to their socialism and their promise of...
  7. Spurs

    This is what we lose.

    Its not about Farage, its about OUR Parliaments debate. A major issue that in time to come will spill into the UK. Of course its now common news over the deal with Turkey but HELLO, why wasn't this debated in individual Parliaments & what actual Right did Merkel have to take the cork out of the...
  8. T

    Go on diet or lose benefits, obese told

    I don't know if this would ever happen and I don't agree that obese people should have their benefits cut. The article also states: Alcoholics, drug addicts and others with 'treatable conditions' could also face being stripped of their sickness payments. I don't think public funds should pay...
  9. bickern

    Lose 10lb in 10 days

    I could do with loosing a bit more than 10lb though and I am not about to get in to a dress of any size, to sparkle or otherwise. A top nutritionist reveals the diet celebrities use to get results FAST. Lose 10lb in 10 days: Dreading the party season in case you can't squeeze into your frock...
  10. immac

    Ex-pats to Lose Tax Allowance

    From Telegraph: "Expats who rent out their homes in Britain will be stripped of the right to use the personal allowance, under a tax raid prepared by George Osborne. Britons could be forced to return from retirements overseas if the Chancellor presses ahead with plans to force non-residents...
  11. Firefox

    BBC lose 100mil

    The License/Tax payer of england allows the national broadcaster to lose £1Bill from 2008 mainly to Siemans the Germans. Who won the war? Ex-BBC chief Mark Thompson apologises for failed £100 million IT project | Reuters
  12. D

    Lose Residency

    Hello Is it true that from April 2014 if you are out of Turkey for more tan 6 months you lose your residency? Will annoy me no end
  13. carolk

    Didim Design Group Lose - Finally!! Golden Beach is free.

    I feel this news should not be buried in the ongoing thread but deserves a spot of its own. Didim Design Group have lost their court case against the land owner, he has been given 52 empty properties on Golden Beach Complex as final payment. There is no right to appeal this decision as time...
  14. P

    Help! about to lose my apartment - crooked emlak!

    I bought my apartment from an agent and the builder hasn't transferred the deeds and now I stand to lose my apartment because of it, how does this work and once the bailiffs are involved is it in anyway possible to retain your property. It has amazed how agents that speak perfect english when...
  15. Mushtaq

    Public-sector pensions lose platinum coat

    Robert Peston | 17:58 UK time, Thursday, 10 March 2011 John Hutton's recommendations on reforming public-sector pensions may well look as appealing as a plate of cold sick to many state employees. But those employees should perhaps count their lucky stars that they don't work in the private...
  16. juco

    The Truth Is Coming Out - 'the Nazis Didn't Lose The War'

    A very interesting watch from the house of lords, Nov this year.... (15 minutes but well worth the time) YouTube - British House of Lords: 1 Nov 2010 If you have watched the first clip then go to this link and make up your own mind! Christopher Story died - murdered? : Science & Technology
  17. arrian

    addicts to lose benefits

    and why are they given money for drugs and alcohol in the first place? there are people with cancer who can't get their life saving drugs!! Defiant drug addicts 'could lose benefits' - Yahoo! News UK
  18. arrian

    Turkish stewards must lose weight

    Turkish air stewards told to lose weight - Telegraph
  19. ceemac

    Around 2.6 million lose their jobs in Turkey

    Around 2.6 million people became jobless between the first half of 2008 and late 2009, according to a study conducted by the Confederation of Revolutionary Workers’ Unions (DISK). The recent global financial crisis, bankruptcies, layoffs and the termination of temporary jobs were responsible for...
  20. S

    Would be a shame to lose these wee things!

    BBC News - Irish hare could lose special protection status
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