1. Peaceplant


    İ just realised Lorraine seems to have dissapeared off the forum and İ was just wondering if anyone knew how she was (İ didn't know her personally but felt like İ knew her via the forum)
  2. YogiPJ

    Pete & Lorraine from U.K.

    Hi everyone Just joined today. Recommended by Lorraine (thanks Lorraine <& Mushtaq>, looks like a great forum). A little bit about us:- We're currently making plans to make the move to Bodrum next March/April, hopefully including (if all goes to plan) starting a small property development...
  3. Mushtaq

    New moderator - Lorraine

    Please welcome our new moderator I am pleased to announce that Lorraine has been appointed as a moderator, you all know her, she is very nosy so she will be keeping an eye out for any dodgy posts :lol: Please give her time to get used to her new role and find her way round the moderation...
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