1. bickern

    Red Arrows’ longest serving pilot retires

    Falklands pilot steps down after 2500 flights. The longest-serving Red Arrows pilot ever - who flew the Tornado F3 over the Falklands and for the Queen in this year's RAF 100 celebrations - has retired. Ten years and 2,585 flights after his first day, Squadron Leader Mike Ling has flown 29...
  2. Tommie

    The Longest Day

    It's gonna be such a long day today that I'm not sure I'm gonna find enough things to do apart from sitting on the beach and getting intoxicated on Coke etc. Strictly (99.9% of the time) non-alcoholic so won't get drunk. It would be interesting to discover what other members decide to do today...
  3. bickern

    Longest Alpine ride with no brakes

    Longest Alpine Coaster (Imst) - no brakes! - YouTube
  4. Yogi

    World's Longest Sea Bridge

    The worlds longest sea bridge measuring 26 miles was opened last week in China. The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is an absolutely amazing feat of Engineering. The link has a slideshow which is well worth a look, some breathtaking shots. World's Longest Sea Bridge
  5. Yogi

    Longest term poster?

    Shirlyanntr’s recent achievement of 10,000 posts (which not many other people will reach) got me thinking. When did this site start operation (2004?) and, apart from Mushtaq, who has been posting the longest and is still an active member? I joined in June 2009 and tend to read more than I...
  6. perfect1949

    today is the longest day of the year

    yes its the longest day today , what are you going to do with the extra daylight . i think i will do the extra round the pool . dave
  7. ceemac

    Turkish Working Week Ranked 3rd Longest In World

    While there are significant differences between countries' working conditions, a survey conducted recently showed Turkey ranks high on a list for long working hours. Here C
  8. V

    the world's longest domestic cat

    Feet from the shoulder 43.43 inches long Scarlett's Magic in the F1 category Svannah cat named "the world's longest domestic cat" became .
  9. martin m

    longest day

    Hi all I know its the longest day (and shirleys birthday), and it probably wont get dark here in south yorkshire till around 1015pm tonight, then unfortunately darkness will descend earlier each day. untill such time as the shortest day gets here and its dark by 3.30-4.pmpm. the question is what...
  10. Andy

    Tapu.The longest wait

    Just a thought of how many people have waited more than the normal 3 months for their Tapu's to come through. When i first bought in October my agent said the wait would be no longer than 3 months, now 6 months later he's saying it shouldn't be long now. I know alot of people have wait...
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