1. bickern

    How to post an add on eBay - LOL

    If you're looking for a new caravan, have about £65,000 spare and are a fan of dogging, sordid affairs and/or murdering then look no further. We have the perfect caravan for you. An eBay advert has gone viral for all the right reasons. After finding out her husband had bought a battered old...
  2. bickern

    Suggestions for your signature or amusing quotes.

    It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives. "The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not." —Mark Twain The average woman...
  3. Ceni

    More loonies leave for love LOL! It's not just the UK that's providing these loonies with love sessions! I wonder if a certain forum member managed to bag himself a few before they left?
  4. L

    Lol.... new to this

    Hi, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lawrence but everyone calls me Lol, I live in the u.k at the moment, but have a house just outside Didim. I retired early from work and my wife retires in February, we are hoping to move to Turkey next March to live. I have been reading posts on...
  5. ted j


    Don't know about you, but some of these abbreviations people seem intent on using in every post annoy the crap out of me lol.................Did you REALLY laugh out loud? , no , 9 times out of 10 it is used as a put down and I would pay really good money to actually see someone laugh their...
  6. martin m

    sorry you missed me lol

    Hi all Well never said we were going(burglars), but just had 3 fantastic weeks in australia, seen our first grandson for the first time, and his mum and dad for the first time in around 14 month, had a absolutely great time, seen Kangeroos, emus,lizards, parrots, as an everyday occurance, and...
  7. Sally-Ann

    This WILL make you lol

    I just found this on youtube and it has to be the funniest thing I've seen in months! just brilliant! Especially @ 4m35sec very funny talking animals from the bbc - YouTube
  8. F

    turkish dance with napkins lol

    wondering if ne one could help with this one...just had our annual holiday to side (gazipasa pasha star).My youngest lad is badgering me like hell about a dance we did to some music with the waiters in the hotel.We all put our arms on each others shoulders and went rnd in a circle with the...
  9. jaimie

    Still stuck being a sex God :lol:

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone have any ideas how (or what I can do) to change my profile pic? Much as I like the "hunk" leaning out of the pool pic (yeah right:ohwell:) I think it's time for a change, however try as I may I cannot upload a new one, I keep getting the "upload failed" legend appear...
  10. Yazee123

    lol! take it easy wifey!

    plz c profile pics (yazee123 and hennah1) we are 2 people not one! well we r, but u know what i mean! lol:bigkiss:
  11. John O' Dreams

    OMG! LOL is now in the OED

    By Robert McNeill Every time I see the acronym LOL, I die a little inside. Talk about trendy expressions lingering on beyond their sell-by date, daddy-oh. Well, now LOL has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, causing language purists to exclaim: OMG! For those of you out of yon loop...
  12. ICF

    Sat on the beach surfing lol

    I'm sat on the beach at three brothers surfing the net not the waves. Just thinking about beer and food in that order lol
  13. Bubskar

    Turkish Proverbs LOL

    I've just picked up my local rag here in Fets - the Land of Shites - and on browsing through found a half page dedicated to Turkish Proverbs. It is entitled "Some Useful Turkish Proverbs: An Interesting Way to Learn More about Turkish Culture" I've selected a few of my favourites which I must...
  14. Sniffy

    anyone doing dalaman to datca thursday morn 04.20am lol

    ....Now you know I am never lucky at the transport sharing but it doesn't stop me trying lol. Arriving at the godawful time of 4.20am next Thursday 28th Aug ~ Anyone going to Datca - or even marmaris give me a shout :0) Debs :0) x
  15. G

    Fran you are full lol

    Tried to send you a pm today but excuse my expression - but your box is full.
  16. P

    Hi From The Man With A Million Questions, Lol !!!

    Hi forumees!!!!! A potted history, by way of introduction: 55 year old retired male, widowed, and with a dodgey heart Fed up with UK and all its problems both present AND future !!!! So i am looking to spend the rest of my miserable (just kidding ;) ) life in a warmer climate, leaving UK after i...
  17. E

    Gail and others help plse. lol

    I really need your input and advise if you can. I am looking to buy property in the area - but don't know where in Bodrum . Im not familiar with that specific location ; and eventhough I lived in Istanbul for about 6 months in mid 90's and am somewhat familiar with Turkish culture, that's...
  18. P

    AKBUK lot a funny lot lol

    Hi Well was going to move to Akbuk but people there are a hell of a weird funny bunch !! Most have no sense of humour , Get all high and mighty and read lengthy books on Pronunciations and important matters like using LOL !! Is the water different in Akbuk ? Do they have some kind of high...
  19. Acamas

    Lol Epidemic!!

    There is a growing epidemic of the use of LOL in posts. Am i the only one who is irritated by the indiscriminate scattering of this? lol It is usually obvious that the post is humorous or meant to be taken lightly and the LOL is superfluous. IF not, it only take a few words or a phrase to...
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