1. S

    help logging into HSBC Turkey online

    Help please, How to log into HSBC account as it says GSM number and card number , dont have either, thanks, Sue
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Problems logging in with existing member

    I have been asked to cut and paste this on behalf of a TLF member who has suddenly got problems logging in:- 'As of a few days ago I started getting problems viewing anything within TLF. I can get onto TLF but if I try to view a thread or click on absolutely anything (including trying to sign...
  3. Mag

    Logging in with new password.

    My friend has asked me to inquire for her. She cannot log on to the forum despite getting a new password sent to her recently. Anyone explain what she is doing wrong and how she can fix it? Thanks!
  4. christella

    Akbank troubles logging in

    having troubles logging in here in the UK i cant and somebody else has said it on AA
  5. M

    Logging In

    Can someone explain the following. I usually open up TLF early morning to see what is going on. For the last two or three days, each time it is asking me to log in. This has not happened before. After having a look round, I leave the window open and go off and do other things. When coming...
  6. R

    Problems logging onto Turkish web sites

    Is anyone else having trouble logging onto .tr web sites? We have tried all evening to log onto hsbc.com.tr without success and subsequently tried other .tr sites such as Migros, Koctas etc. but none of them will connect. Griff and Dawn
  7. M

    TLF logging me out

    Dont know If i put this here but here goes Why does TLF keep logging me out after I have written a pm to someone ? and then i lose everything I have typed .Its annoying Is there anyway I can change the amount of time I am logged in for or can I save my message before sending it ? Any ideas...
  8. P

    logging in

    Why am I suddenly being asked to log in every time I go on the forum? I'm getting a complex here - feels like I'm being ex-communicated! Previously I would automatically be logged in after I had hit the forum button on favourites, thats worked for several years so why the change?
  9. arrian

    logging on

    anyone here in the uk noticed before logging on to tlf, that the time shown for posts is 1 hour ahead of uk? or did everyone know that already, as i AM a late starter!!!! lol
  10. H

    logging in

    usually i can log in automatically but the last 2 days it keeps asking me for name and password and when i enter the info it just refers me back to the same page,why?????
  11. irishmatelot

    Logging Off TLF??

    Hi folks Just wondering if anyone else is being logged off their accounts while looking at threads. It's happened to me a few times since the upgrade and was wondering why? Is it something I'm doing? I keep having to log back in again!
  12. T

    logging in

    Sue and myself have been members since before Xmas and at first our browser loaded your page saying Welcome Terry and Susan cocks automatically Now it seems to treat us as strangers and we keep on having to re login or reregister which is a pain Can Mustaq or someone senior sort it out Thanks
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