1. bickern

    New virus locks YOU out of your Smart TV, and then CHARGES you

    SECURITY experts have warned about a growing number of cyberattacks on televisions – which lock out the viewer until they pay a ransom. Here's everything you need to know about the terrifying trend. Your television could be the next major target for computer hackers. Security experts have...
  2. immac

    Locks - Shock

    I have had a wake-up-call this week with my front door locks. Aware that I was not fully using the locks when leaving the apartment I was looking for an easy fix. I am in the habit of just closing the door behind me, which effectively leaves the single door handle catch as the only security. I...
  3. B

    Changing Euro Cylinder locks

    Hi all, I have read on TLF on many occasions about burglaries, or unauthorised use of peoples properties and wanted to share with you how to change your locks to improve the security of your property. Most properties here use locks that are based on Euro Cylinders, in the UK a high proportion...
  4. peter the postie

    Child locks in the UK

    Iv'e been looking for a definitive answer to this question. Hope someone can help. My car doesn't have child locks as standard, but is it possible to have them fitted???
  5. J

    Window locks for sale

    6 brand new window locks for sale (I bought too many). Still in sealed bags, bought for 4.500 TL, will sell for 4TL.
  6. Howell's

    Window locks Due to burglary

    Hi guys As you may know we were broken into last week. Part of the reason they got in was the fact that the windows and sliding doors here do not have key locks so they managed to slide a wire through the side of the door and lift the handle (simple). My husband was a upvc window fitter in the...
  7. M

    Door Locks and Security

    Can anyone tell me if there is a shop in Akbuk that sells locks? We are wanting to change the main front door lock and a couple of outside door locks. If there is a shop, can someone give me directions please? Maisie
  8. Talkinman


    We will be out in Beach residence Gulluk in late January and most of February. I am looking for someone in the complex who will be there at the same time to maybe do a lock change. please send me a private message if you want to swap locks with me.
  9. gipsybabe

    Locks in Bodrum area

    Hi We are going out to do the handover on our apartment in July and we want to change the locks. Can anyone recommend a place to buy locks, does KosTas sell them? Thanks Gipsysbabe
  10. B

    Locks Changed.

    First of all, we have had so much advice off these forums, it's unbelievable! Thank you all so much!!! We are coming over in May to furnish, and want to change the locks of our home. Is there an English speaking place in Altinkum that would do this, and roughly how much would it be? P.S We don't...
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