1. R

    lock down number 2

    Speaking to uzumlu jandarma yesterday and it seems that turkey is facing another lock down as from the beginning of October. This may only apply to mugla province and as yet this has not officially been confirmed, but information from the jandarma is normally pretty accurate.
  2. G

    Turk Telekom credit top-up during Coronavirus lock down

    I have a question: Is it possible to go into a shop in Turkey to top-up the credit on a Turk Telekom pay-as-you-go mobile phone, or are all phone shops in Alanya closed, as they are in UK? I am currently in UK and am unable to access my GarantiBank account as my mobile is not accepting...
  3. R

    Fingerprint door lock

    Anyone know about these fingerprint door locks? Was told my door was designed for these types of locks. Are they all pretty much created equal? What are there costs.....easy to install?
  4. R

    Lock up the children!!!

    Hi, How low can this government stoop? What kind of a society has Turkey become? They are looking to imprison a thirteen year old for painting slogans-not for causing injury to anyone. We were burgled twice in two days (while drinking tea on the terrace at 11am) by a seventeen year old whom...
  5. LyndaW

    Lock smith

    Does anyone know of a locksmith in Alanya.....lost my keys Thanks Lynda
  6. T

    Hook and Lock needle where to buy here

    Hi, I am interested in trying some Hook and Locking, I went to the habadashers in Fethiye to buy a locker hook which is the same as a crochet hook but has an eye the other end. Unfortunately they didn't have any.Does anyone know where I can get one here in Turkey? I know there is a little...
  7. yalimart

    Lock snapping

    I have this type of lock on my UK and Turkish homes - I think I will look for some alternatives this has been on the news today, it may have been on the forum previously, If so apologies Martin
  8. tykatem

    Lock up ya rug rats...Gary's about!!!

    Convicted paedophile Gary Glitter is free to travel abroad again after a three-and-a-half year ban came to an end today. Police have decided that he no longer represents a threat to children and did not apply to have the restrictions extended. Read more: Gary Glitter: Paedophile free to travel...
  9. A

    Security lock for patio doors

    Hi everybody, we have had an apartment in altinkum for the last 4 years and we are very concerned about the rising burglary crime, i have sourced a very good lock for patio doors and have recently installed to ours. Anybody seeking further advice please pm me,
  10. P

    Lock up your children.

    Paul Gadd aka Garry Glitter has been released form prison in Vietnam and it's expected he's going to be deported back to the U.K.Listening on the radio this morning there were so many do-gooders ready to welcome him home with open arms,just don't let him near your kids.One of the do-gooders said...
  11. Talkinman

    Lock change

    We take over our new apartment in January and have been advised in writing by Parador to change all our locks at the first possible date. This is not somthing I expected and find it a bit sad. I thought crime in Turkey was minimal but reading through the forum I am becoming paranoid. I have...
  12. A

    Lock up everybody, close your doors

    Don't say you have not been warned I will be arriving in Tinky later today at about 6pm in a fiat Ablea first time driving in Turkey. I strongly recommend that you get everybody into places of safety until I have managed to park at our apartment. I am not not a mad driver but you will be able to...
  13. E

    A Bit Of A Lock Up

    According to Glasgows 'Daily record'. A caller to a radio phone in had listeners in stitches after admitting his neighbours electronic garage door makes him rise to the occasion.He said an implant he had put in to help with erection problems activates every time the family next door use the...
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