1. S

    Unusual bar locations

    I know there are a few members on here who at times can apparently be persuaded to have the odd half shandy so I thought it might interest you as to not just the proliferation of imbibing hostelrys in my new host country-but also some unusual locations The Spanish really do like a drink with...

    Expat tax locations.

    The World?s Best?and Worst?Tax Rules for Expats - Expat - WSJ
  3. suzyq

    Meet Ambassador Richard Moore in various locations

    Meet Ambassador Richard Moore! Our new Ambassador, Richard Moore, will be touring Turkey next week on official visits and would like to meet members of the resident British community at a series of meetings organised by our Consulates in Mugla Province. This will be an opportunity to hear the...
  4. FinalCall

    Some locations to live

    I am currently living in a moderate oasis within a very conservative area of Umraniye. My contract up in December and seeking move to a new area the problems where we live now are: Very conservative 30TL cab fare from ports Packed minibuses and buses and limited destinations (Bostanci/Kadikoy...
  5. L

    Camping locations wanted in turkey

    Hi Folks, Wondered if i can have idea's where i could camp on a site or wild (would need acess to a toilet and water/lake or sea). I am interested around altinkum. AKbuk but am interested too in other locations as i would like to tour at some point. Your help would really be appreciated. Many...
  6. K

    beach locations

    hello everyone. i was looking at one of the threads about altinkum , pictures showed the beaches. now i am totally confused as to their locations. can someone please give me an idiots guide to the locations of 1,2, and third beach. thanks kevin.
  7. shirleyanntr

    film locations in turkey

    anybody know which turkish locations have been used in films..i know that The African Queen was part shot in Dalyan and that olu deniz has also been used..can't remember the films name think that brook shields was in it. Shame that Troy wasnt shot in Turkey..they did many scenes in Malta.
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