1. Tenpin

    Info Turkish Residence Permit - Interview location

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. B

    location of property

    Hi I've came across a few properties for sale and I'm hoping someone can advise what sites these are on before I enquire further any help appreciate
  3. C

    Location recommendations

    My husband (turkish) and I (english) have been married for 6 years and have 4 wonderful children. We are settled in the UK but it has always been our plan to spend a year or two in Turkey while the children are primary school aged so they can benefit from and learn about the culture and...
  4. J

    Location of tax office in Kusadasi?

    is there a tax office in kusadasi where i can pay tax on rental income
  5. B

    Where to start?

    Hi, My wife and I have visited Turkey 3 times and loved it. We now want to buy a apartment but where? We would like a fishing village feel that is friendly (Isn't all Turkey I hear you say) Not too crowded with a few bars and restaurants but not a loud place. We want to be able to walk to...
  6. C

    How to Organize Turkish Life Around its Climate

    Greetings! I'd like to learn how established full time residents of the Coast have selected their locations or have creatively organized their lives around the climate, to avoid extreme weather. a) Aeg Coast (cooler summers, wetter colder winters) versus[B] b) Medit Coast (sunnier warmer...
  7. H

    Teksen Express in Turgutreis - location?

    Hi guys. I am out in Turkey shortly ( Gumusluk) and I need to collect an order from Teksen Express in Turgutreis. Can anyone tell me where it is please,.... I know where the Marina is and where the Metro is, so bearings from either of those would be great. many thanks.
  8. Gill

    Charity Sale 30th April-Musti's new location

    This Saturday starts earlier than normal at 1pm Charity Sale of books, clothes, and Bric-a Brac proceeds go towards projects with needy children and families in the Yalikavak area. New Musti's is along the road towards the new Marina facing the sea near the children's play area and the...
  9. B

    Location of Mustis new bar.

    Hi All, Will be travelling out to Yalikavak on May 7th and will certainly be visiting Mustis. We always enjoyed ourselves in the past and look forward to dining in new surroundings. Where exactly is their premises located...
  10. S

    Location & Timing

    Just joined the website. Havent got a property yet but love Turkey and looking into the market. Not sure about which area. I guess the best thing is to go over and drive around. I know some areas are probably better value but maybe not as good, dont know any advice much appreciated. I guess...
  11. A


    Hi Folks, does anybody know where abouts on the outskirts of Didim is monastery bay thanks
  12. A

    tapu location

    Can anyone tell me if you are able to hold on to your tapu or does it have to be lodged with a land registry department? The reason I ask is we have paid for the land our house is being built on(very slowly!) and although we are not allowed to own it until we set up a company,(due to it being on...
  13. M

    Bluebay Gardens Location

    Does anyone no where these apartments are, or any info about please?
  14. G

    Tapu Office Location

    I have been searching through treads dealing with Tapu related questions and I can't find anything in the posts that indicates where the Tapu office is located. Think it might be helpful if we could get some clarification, so can anyone answer these questions, please: 1. Is there a central...
  15. R

    Re Location to the UK.

    A friend of ours needs to go back to the UK.Does anybody know of an International Removals Co. In or around Antalya or indeed anywhere else that may be interested.I did try to PM Starman but he apparently has expressed awish not to have PM 's. Ian

    Location Free TV ?????

    Any of you Boffins out there know anything about this. Made by Sony and others you can watch your home TV anywhere in the World via this gadget Via your PC only drawback i can see is you need Broadband and i dont know if you can get it [broadband that is] in many places .We are in Altinkum and i...
  17. B

    Arcelik & Proper Car location

    Hello folks sorry if this is repetition but i would like to know the location of Arcelik and Proper car in Bodrum. i have combed existing threads without success. Just trying to put together the final details prior to our visit on 2nd July. This forum has been a great help to us and you all...
  18. W

    New Location Maps Required

    Hi All, I have just an email today from my solicitor in Altinkum regarding these maps. He says the local council want 364 Turkish Lira for the Map. All together with extra legal costs and paperwork total cost 450 TL. approx £200 This will be based on my property which is in a complex of 12...
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