1. immac

    Bank Loans To Foreigners

    Friend of mine applied on-line for a small bank loan - Garanti Bank. All on-line questions in English. Message came back (in English) to say the response from Garanti was "favourable", but because the amount was over the on-line limit she was asked to take passport and proof of income to local...
  2. yalimart

    Payday Loans

    Retailers' Credit Union To Defy Payday Lenders Is it just me or is there a sad irony in this ? Martin
  3. R

    Business loans in Turkey

    Hello all! I have just joined, my name is Rob and I'm from the UK and I am engaged to a Turkish national (Özlem). I have been living in Ankara for almost a year now and we are planning on setting up a business in Ankara. The business will be a cafe (not a Turkish style cafe but a real cafe...
  4. ria248

    What are my rights as a wife of a Turkish man?

    İ' married to a wonderful man. His family have welcomed me into the family, and they are really nice, genuine people. İ just want to know my rights, as we don't have any children together, (we are both in our 40's) but i have children from a previous marriage, to an English man, so ultimately i...
  5. A

    bank loans turkey

    Hi does any one no if am i can get a bank loan in turkey? iam english and living in fethiye mugla. i am looking to get a bank loan but i do not own a property ?
  6. juco

    Greece defaults on loans!

    'Greece has entered into default under a new bailout and is now able to borrow at a 3.5% interest rate instead of the 40% bankers were forcing them to pay to prevent a default. The question that remains is will financial Armageddon follow as a consequence of the default? Reuters: Greece...
  7. peter the postie

    Its all coming out now.. Glazer family takes £20m in fees and loans from Man u

  8. D

    Turkish Boat Loans

    Would be very pleased to hear from anyone that has applied for or received a loan from a Turkish lender for a boat, yacht, etc
  9. D

    Turkish Auto Loans

    Would be very pleased to hear from anyone that has applied for or received a loan to purchase a car?
  10. M

    business loans

    NOW i have opened a turkish bank account in north cyprus.can anyone tell me if they will grant a business loan and if so what sort of rates can i expect
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