1. J

    living with chronic insomnia

    Hi everyone, I am living with chronic insomnia which requires monthly health check and sleeping aids. I wanted to ask if sleeping aids like dexzopiclone and tradozone hydrochloride could be bought OTC or if I need a prescription of a locl doctor. Since this is a chronic disease, I would also...
  2. Jaycey

    Cost of Living

    Cost of Living Index… UK #33 Spain # 42 Bulgaria #89 Turkey #113 Ukraine #121 Plenty of food for thought there ie Bulgaria more expensive than Turkey??
  3. Jaycey

    Cost of Living Index

    Cost of Living Index by City 2020... Always interesting to see how places compare...
  4. K

    Year round living in Kalkan

    Hello, what is Kalkan like to live through the winter months? Has anyone any knowledge of living all year at the Patara prince resort?
  5. C

    Living off-grid - Datca Turkey

    We are back in Datca and are preparing for our off-grid adventures at the end of the peninsula (yes our sanity has been questioned). 6000 m2 of land with almonds olives, gorgeous view, beach but no services. Anyone on the forum been similarly afflicted?
  6. S

    Living abroad

    Well today marks 4 weeks in our new country Ireland's a distant memory although I bet locals can sill detect a trace of Irish accent in my dulcet tones For those of you who moved ft to Turkey or elsewhere abroad - how long was it before it felt like your real home?
  7. yalimart

    Turkish Living or not poll

    Lets have a poll on who does or doesn't Martin
  8. S

    Turkish living

    Or holidaying. Is anyone doing real Turkish Living or holidaying in Turkey? Would be real nice to read some good or bad stuff regarding Turkey. Would also be great to see Brexit, Trump and anything else not about Turkey....have a summer recession. Let's have some great summer stories. New...
  9. J

    Cost of living Turkey?

    HI All I was wondering if anybody is living full time in the bodrum area and could give me the cost roughly you spend p/m? We have a house in Gundogan, which I've owned since 2004 and getting to the stage of hopfuly moving out for maybe 6 months of the year. Looking to have a pretty good life...
  10. S

    What should I know about living in Turkey?

    I'm considering moving to Turkey if the opposition wins the elections, after I finish my college, because I've had many rough and harsh times in my life I don't want to describe and a bad reputation with many people and I want to start fresh and have a little adventure, and I want to find my...
  11. A

    Buying and selling for a living

    Hi, just curious, does anyone here just buy and sell Turkey property as a long term business? and if so can you please provide a newbie like myself with some tips? thanks :)
  12. A

    Adverts on Turkish Living Forum

    Surely it cannot just be me? I spend more time hitting the X button and saying why I do not want to see the very many adverts on this site than I do reading the posts. Very annoying, especially the ones that come back time and time again, despite the fact that when I say I have no interest in...
  13. H

    Cost of living in Turkey

    I'm hoping to initially rent for 12 months and have some idea of how much rental will be but would appreciate some advice on general monthly outgoings. I will be living alone and renting a one bedroom apartment and wondered what I would pay on average for the following: - water gas electricity...
  14. L

    Any expats living in Izmit?

    Hello, my name is Lina, from the Netherlands. Thank you for accepting me in this forum. I just moved to Izmit last week with my husband. Trying to learn the Turkish language, but this is sooooooo difficult. So I hope to meet expats here, that I can understand. Do you know anybody in Izmit
  15. H

    Pros and cons of living in Turkey

    It is my plan to retire to Turkey- I have lived abroad before so I know it's not all roses. Would be interested to hear your pros and cons of living in Turkey
  16. S

    Spanish Living Forum

    There seems so much rancour, bad feeling, arguments disputes and disagreements on TLF thesedays over everything from Ukraine to UKIP, and Trump Syria ISIS etc-I thought I would just give a few quotes from SLF to show how we get on over there: Barca Des-" I might not agree with your view but I...
  17. T

    Working and Living in Turkey

    Hi my husband and I are interested in buying in Calis/Fethiye area in a couple of years time. Is it correct that we will not be able to get a job without a work permit since we have lived in Turkey for about 5 years?
  18. M

    Elite Living

    A friend is coming out tomorrow to look at some properties and one is a complex called Elite Living has anyone ever heard of it?
  19. juco

    B&Q use living wage to cut staff wages

    Petition at the link below if you want to support the workers cause.
  20. S

    Living in Gokce

    Hi all Thinking of living in Gokce but a bit concerned that it might prove to be a bit quite in the winter. I know there is a lack of bars for Brits to meet up. What's your thoughts. Good and bad. Thanks.
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