1. V

    Where to holiday abroad when you live in Turkey

    I was wondering where people went on holiday to once they have moved to Turkey fulltime. I know lots of people will go back to their home country to visit family etc, but where else do people go & when? I am thinking that in the wintertime I may need a sun holiday somewhere warmer & in August I...
  2. bickern

    What a warped world we live in.

    What a warped world we live in; a man reveals to all around him I need to go off with another woman, claiming I can't help my true feelings, I just can't stop thinking of having sex with other women and dreaming of committing adultery. Reaction by family and friends, dirty 2 faced lying...
  3. Jaycey

    How long will you live?

    How long will you live? Poodwaddle Life Clock
  4. bickern

    God, I want to live!

    'God, I want to live! I've experienced so little of life. I don't want to die': Heartbreaking diary of 15-year-old Polish Jewish schoolgirl comes to light 76 years after she was shot dead in a Nazi ghetto. Renia's diary captures an ordinary teenage life, such as arguing with her friends and...
  5. G

    Bringing my dogs to live in turkey

    Hi. Could anyone help with the process of transporting my 2 small dogs. I will be hoping to travel from Manchester airport to ataturk. Has anyone done this please. I am moving to turkey permanent to live. Many thanks.
  6. Mushtaq

    Ideal place to live?

    I though it might be worth getting some advice from our varied membership regarding what would be an ideal area/region/country to live if I was to spend more time away from UK. I know it depends on a number of things and individual needs and circumstances but still worth trying to get some...
  7. S

    30k a month to broadcast live pictures of empty room

    Revealed: £30k a month bill to broadcast empty Stormont Assembly - Remember this next time Sleepy comes on complaining about you British taxpayers.
  8. juco

    Live Peregrine webcam

    24 hour Live cam from UK showing Peregrine sitting on eggs, I counted 3 last time she moved position. Be patient as it should get interesting when the eggs hatch. Viewing Webcam: Peregrine Falcons at Nottingham Trent University
  9. bickern

    Live NetTV

    For PC you will need to run in Nox or other Android emulator. Usefull for those that have problems running Mobdro in an emulator Live NetTV | Your Gateway to Entertainment Live NetTV Live NetTV provides 150+ live TV channels in 7 categories which are: Sports, Entertainment, News, Cooking...
  10. C

    Live Webcams in Bodrum area

    There is now a webpage at 7/24 Live Bodrum View and Events. which shows 8 live feeds from around the Bodrum area. (Scroll down the page and click on one of the camera icons. The images can also be made full screen by clicking on the icon at bottom right) The cameras are situated at various...
  11. IbrahimAbi

    What a strange world we live in

    Hospital administrator investigated after accusations of taking 'selfies' with corpses. Hospital administrator accused of taking selfies with bodies in Turkey?s Antalya - CRIME
  12. S

    Happiest countries to live in

    Happy Planet Index
  13. juco

    Calais jungle live video clip

    LIVE STREAM CALAIS CAMP Being Shut Down Jungle Camp Calais Refugee Migrant Crisis FRANCE - YouTube
  14. G

    live tv channels

    Hi I cannot connect to any live tv channels all of a sudden, uk turk, or filmon tv, I can stream movies etc, but get a msg saying that my link has been blocked!! so no bbc or itv channels at all. I have made sure my router setting for smart tv is off. (i am in the uk at present) it says I should...
  15. bal canavar

    Surprise Guest on LIVE TV

    This TV presenter had a surprise guest during a live tv , but handled it well even including some sound advice, he told viewers " with winter round the corner they should remember to feed stray animals and keep their doors open as the cold weather arrives" . And the good news it was adopted by...
  16. juco

    Would you live here.

    Imagine living in this street. Sad state of affairs but have to admit I found amusing. - Neighbors fight in the UK.
  17. S

    What a sh1t world we live in

    Man arrested after baby girl 'punched in supermarket' - BBC News
  18. yalimart

    Best cities to live in

    Seattle has a great market and a superb pub that shows premier games, San Francisco is very hilly but you can get great clam chowder a ferry to Napa for the wine tasting, but do they rate above Manchester ? No, and with good reason, then at the bottom you have the obvious places like Damascus...
  19. W

    Money to be in bank when applying for visa to live in turkey

    Hi. Still researching what I need to be able to move to Turkey on a permanent basis. I understand that I need some money in a turkish bank account and have worked this out to be around £10000. The thing that puzzles me is once over there can I then spend this money or is it as good as dead...
  20. U

    Live like a King

    Turkey's President Erdogan's 'shopaholic' wife laid bare as 2m citizens earn £3 a day | Daily Mail Online
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